Empereyo ng Pilippinas
Empire of Philippines
Timeline: Nuclear Apocalypse
Flag Revised Coat of Arms of the Philippines
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Philippines (Nuclear Apocalypse)
Location in Red
(and largest city)
New Manila City
Language Filipino, Bikol, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Ilokano, Pampango, Pangasinense, Tagalog, Waray, Spanish
Government Monarchy
Emperor Emperor Joseph III
Currency Philippine euro

Philippines is a country in Asia. It helped the allies in the Third World War, and as a result, their capital was hit. Soon after the war was over, there was some riots/protests happening in the lower areas of the island and soon, the Philippines police and military tried to stop the protests, which not much success. Though, eventually the nation got some peace, however a few protest still continue. Philippines won the Spratys Islands and force Taiwan and Vietnam to pay very huge depts.Now there economy grow because of the huge depts that got

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