Alternative History

King Pierre II (1935- ) is the current king of Canada. He became king in 1946 upon the sudden death of his father, Jacques I.

King Pierre has gradually democratized his nation, though he still retains a fair amount of power. He seems to have been a very peaceful king but he has designs on occupying Texas and he has ensured control over Minnesota and Arkansas after a bloody war against his relatives.


  • Pierre, Dauphin du Canada (born 1958)
    • Pierre (born 1985)
    • Jacque (born 1988)
    • Charles (born 1991)
  • Antoinne (born 1961)
    • Louis (born 1983)
    • Marie (born 1985)
  • Jeanne (born 1963)
    • Jacques (born 1988)
    • Sophie (born 1991)
    • Charlotte (born 1994)

Preceded by:
Jacques I
King of Canada
Succeeded by:

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