Alternative History
State of Pilbara
[[File:|125px|border||Flag of Pilbara]] [[File:|85px||Coat of arms of Pilbara]]
Flag Coat of arms
Nickname(s): The Red State
Official language(s) English
Demonym Pilbaran
(and largest city)
Port Hedland
Area Ranked 3rd
 – Total 507,896 km2
Population Ranked 15th
 – Total 753,400
Admission to Federation 16 January 1885 (11th)
Governor Ryan Newman
Premier Albert Cornwall (L)
Deputy Premier Keith Petersen (L)
Legislature Legislative Assembly
Senators Louise Pratt (L)
Pat Dodson (L)
Rachel Siewert (G)
Dean Smith (N)
House delegation List
Time zone Western Standard Time (UTC +8)
Abbreviations PI
Internet TLD .pi

Pilbara is a state in the northwest of Cygnia. It is the 6th-largest state by area, and 7th-least populous at 753,400 residents. Pilbara is bordered by Kimberley to the north, Darwin to the east, Gascoyne to the southwest, and Gibson and Auralia to the south. The state also has a western coastline facing the Indian Ocean. Pilbara's capital and largest city is Port Hedland.