Pillar Architecture
Former type Public
Founded 1951
Entrepreneur Various architects, headed by Alvar Aalto
Headquarters 1 Principle Road, San Francisco II, California
Area served Worldwide
Key people Alvar Aalto
Alexander Gropius
(CEO & Co-founder)
Industry Architecture, Building supplies, Infrastructure investments
Product Various
Service (economics) Public funding, Construction, etc.
Revenue US$2.546 trillion (2012)
Earnings before interest and taxes US$534.122 billion (2011)
Profit US$ 273.257 billion (2011)
Employment 2,300,000 (2011)

Pillar Architecture is an American design firm and architecture company headquartered in San Francisco II, California. The firm was conceived by the members of the 1944 Berlin Architectural Conference, headed by Alvar Aalto, in reaction to the poorly-managed reconstruction effort of post-World War II era. Seeking to place prioritized investments within their own firms, and formulating a hybrid firm-company, the group received criticisms from public relations in Germany. Despite such, Pillar Architecture was founded in 1951, and became a publicly-traded company four years afterwards.

Though it originally focused on corporate interiors, Pillar Architecture has since diversified into numerous forms of architecture and design, including commercial office buildings, retail centers, airports, education facilities entertainment complexes, and visionary constructions. It is also involved in planning and urban design, brand strategy, environmental graphic design, mission-critical facilities, sustainable design consulting, and other areas. It operates regional offices in over 190 countries worldwide and has offices in numerous capital cities. Pillar is considered to be the most formidable monopoly of infrastructure, building %90 of all homes, buildings, and projects. According to Ross Surveys, it privately owns 56% of the world surface land, crossing many international borders.

Renowned worldwide for its style and size, the Van der Rohe Ocean Construct is an iconic testament to the company's history of architecture

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