This is basically a world where Piracy dominates, in various categories. The sea-piracy changes world politics, while media piracy changes media history.


  1. Piracy dominates both media and the seas.
  2. Copyright is abolished in many counties, and in the countries that do have it, it's either rarely enforced, decriminalized, a minor annoyance, the most common reason for prison time, or a misdemeanor.
  3. Netflix goes out of business due to massive piracy.
  4. The Video Store dies sooner, as does Redbox.
  5. Movie Theaters die out quickly.
  6. Anti-Piracy methods fail.
  7. Many companies have to survive by embracing piracy.
  8. Movie Companies buy out Piracy Sites, especially as a method of guerrilla warfare.
  9. The DMCA and Sonny Borro fail to pass.
  10. The Pirate Party dominates third-position politics, and wins the 2008 and 2012 elections, with the 2016 election likely to be another victory.
  11. Capitalism fails, leading to the Great Recession being even worse, leading to more piracy.
  12. Somalia is a world superpower because of piracy.
  13. SOPA and PIPA never get proposed.
  14. Piracy runs rampant throughout the world.
  15. Mickey is in the public domain.
  16. Many pieces of media never get made, due to piracy.
  17. YIFY, Napster, Torrentz, Torrenthound, KickassTorrents, the original IsoHunt, Supernova, Limewire, Popcorn Time, YTS, Megaupload, AllMyVideos, Demonoid, OiNK, wareztuga, the original Pirate Bay domain, and TorrentShack (just to name a few) stay up.
  18. The RIAA and MPAA cease to exist.
  19. People in Piracy are richer, while people in Media and Copyright are poorer.
  20. Denova has already been cracked.


Company Name Fate due to piracy
BBC Survives (They're public. What do you expect?)
Disney Bankrupt on February 12, 2000.
FOX Owns the Pirate Bay
RKO Owns IsoHunt
Universal Owns KickAssTorrents
WB Owns ExtraTorrent
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