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City of Pitic (en)
Ciudad de Pitic (es)

Timeline: The Golden Republic

OTL equivalent: Hermosillo
Flag Seal
Flag Seal
Location of Pitic
Aerial view of Pitic and Cerro de la Campana (Bell Hill), a prominent feature of the city's landscape

Motto: La Ciudad del Sol
(Spanish: The City in the Sun)

Country California independence flag 2.svg California
State Flag of the Republic of Sonora.svg Sonora
County Logo of the City of Hermosillo.png Hermosillo County
English and Spanish
  others Chinese, French
  others Evangelists, Pentecostals, Protestants, Jews, Mormons
Ethnic groups
Whites and Hispanics/Latinos
  others Chinese, French, Mestizos, Natives
Demonym Piticense • Pitiqueño, -ña Pitiquense
Founded May 18, 1700
Incorporated February 9, 1825
Mayor Celida Lopez (Liberal)
Area 64.94 sq mi (168.20 km²)
Population 884,342 (2018 Census)
(1st in Sonora)
Time zone MST (UTC-7)
  summer MDT (UTC-6)

Pitic (/ˈpɪtɪk/; Spanish: /ˈpitik/; BasqueBitik; French and Portuguese: Pitique; Chinese: 蜱蒂 Pídì; ItalianPitica) is a city located centrally in the Californian state of Sonora. The county seat of Hermosillo County and the main economic center for the state and region, Pitic, as of the 2018 Californian Census, had a population of 884,342 inhabitants, making it Sonora's most populous city and the overall __th-most populous in California. Furthermore, Pitic was ranked as one of the 20 best cities to live in California, as published in the study "The Most Livable Cities of California in 2013" by the Department of Commerce of the Government of California. Pitic also ranked as the seventh-most competitive city in the country according to the Californian Institute for Competitiveness based on factors such as its economic diversification, geographical location, access to education, government, innovation and international relations, according to the urban competitiveness analysis released by that institution in 2016.

The name "Pitic" is derived from the Yaqui word pitiahaquím, meaning "place surrounded by streams". From 1828 to 1848, the city was called Hermosillo, a name given to the city by Mexican authorities in honor of insurgent José María González Hermosillo, who had been sent to the city by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla; its name was formally changed back to "Pitic" by then-newly installed Californian authorities on April 1, 1848, as part of a regionwide effort at "de-Mexicanization" that generally involved renaming cities that had had Mexican-sounding names or names given to them by Mexican authorities, following Sonora's formally becoming part of California two months earlier as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. However, unlike the city itself, the department in which Pitic was located, Hermosillo Department (SpanishDepartamento de Hermosillo), kept its Mexican-era name, even after becoming "Hermosillo County" in the larger, provisional "Department of Sonora" (Departamento de Sonora) at that time.

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