In 1989 a random mutation in the flu virus breaks out into a plague. The virus starts in the eastern U.S.S.R in Moscow. From there it starts to spread to Turkey and Greece. It soon spreads to the Middle East and by 1994 the entire Middle East is infected. The U.S.A faces economy problems because now oil is scarce. Fuel problems emerge and plenty of people are stranded around the world. The Flu then spreads into Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Pakistan, and Egypt. France, Holland, Italy, and Great Britain are affected by the collapse of Germany. The European Union collapses and American trade is very affected. American economy goes into Pandemonium, and finally America collapses in 2000. With the collapse of the U.S.A and the U.S.S.R many more countries are thrown into chaos. New very strong political parties appear in third world countries such as India, Afghanistan, and Zimbabwe. The plague spreads further into the new superpower China. East China was quarantined, but Japan and Manchuria were affected from Kamchatka. The cities in the far Northeastern Kamchatka are not affected by the plague. In the 2002 word spreads around that the plague has reached Canada, Montana and the Yucatan Peninsula. Small islands in Indonesia are also not affected and are quarantined. Australia is the last country to be affected by the plague.

Once the plague subsided humanity needed a new faith. They resorted to being more religious and forming little families. In 2008 a new religion appears that encourages a poor life without technology so that you could appreciate the smaller things in life before they are gone. Most people enjoy this new religion and soon Theocratic civilizations emerge.

History of the Flu Plague

Early beginning

The Flu Plague started in 1989 in Moscow, Russia. Which was then known as the Soviet Union. Moscow was Quarantined later that year. Only a few people escaped Moscow healthy. The Soviet Union was in panic that the capital was under Quarantine. For years the U.S.S.R was in Pandemonium with the temporary loss of their government. The news spread to Greece about the Flu Plague. At the moment journalists and scientists weren't all that concerned about a major epidemic that would spread worldwide. They believed that the Flu Plague would stop sometime soon when the seasons changed like the normal Flu. People were concerned though about whether the people in Moscow would survive. In 1989 France, America, and Australia people put together fundraisers to help the people in Moscow. The fundraisers were known as Flu Controlling Fundraisers. They played an important part later in the TL.

The Flu Plague had escaped Moscow in 1990 and spread towards more of the western Soviet Union. This caused even more problems for the U.S.S.R. They were spending lots of money to try and cure the Flu Plague, and at the same time were at loss for a government since many people in the Communist Party had died of the Flu Plague in Moscow. Ukraine, and Belarus were infected. The Flu Plague could not cross the cold regions of the Caucasus mountains so it did not effect Tbilisi until later. The Flu Plague crossed the Black Sea into Turkey and then into Greece. Romania, and Bulgaria closed down their eastern borders. Now scientists were worried. The plague did not stop during the seasonal changes. Some scientists feared another plague and websites were created in America trying to scare people about the "The End of Humanity." The populations of Greece and Turkey started to lower. In Turkey a newly formed political group called the New Hittites took control of the Panicked area in Izmer and southern Anatolia. A group called the Refugees set up small communities in the rest of Turkey except for the area around the Black Sea. Some communities failed miserably. Others were lost in disasters or died of Flu Plague. By 1991 the entire Turkey was split into separate territories still combating the Flu Plague in a failing effort.

Similar things occurred in Greece. Although Greece did not formally split apart or form other nations, Greece did lose contact with other parts of Greece causing leaders to take up small territories and form their own separate governments. The territories around Athens stayed pretty strong in the early stages of the Flu Plague entering Greece. Macedonia and Thrace was badly damaged and thousands of people died and/or moved away. Athens soon lost contact with Northern Greece and for a while after the Flu Plague northern Greece still stayed unreachable. The people of Greece started to form escape camps to store people from the newly infected area of Epirus. The islands of Icaria, Naxos, Andros, Lesbos, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete became Refugee Camps for people who escaped the Flu Plague. The effort was supported by the United Nations. Those islands became quarantined to escape the Flu Plague. Be the end of 1991 Epirus was fully evacuated and the cities abandoned. By then the Flu Plague had moved on towards Thessaly and Euboea. Athens began to quarantine the areas around Central Greece.

Middle of the Flu Plague

The Flu Plague began to move even farther into Europe and Asia. It soon occupied the entire former Yugoslavia area and had crept its way down into Syria, Jordan and Iraq by 1992. The former Yugoslavia area began to crumble. Some fled into Italy and some went to refugee camps in Greece. In Asia during the mid 1992 the Flu Plague had managed to reach parts of Baku, Tiblisi, Iran, and even some of Turkmenistan. Jordan was completely infected by 1992 and like turkey it divided into different areas. Jordan eventually collapsed during the early 1993. Syria's economy went crazy when people stopped working. The U.S.A started to feel the effects of the middle east collapsing. Oil and gas prices went up. Fuel started to become even scarcer as Iraq began to go down. Iraq's ruler died during the Flu Plague. Groups of people started to wage small wars against each other as the economy collapsed and people died.

The Flu Plague then spread into Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Israel, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, and Poland in the year 1993. Saudi Arabia splits into multiple groups of countries and territories. Al Qaeda takes control of Riyadh on October 13, 1993. In 1993 the European union is formed without a Poland or Greece. Europe is now even more concerned about the Flu Plague. They spend money like crazy. Scientists work to their extreme. In the mean time the Flu Plague has spread throughout all of Russia. Athens is also infected leaving the only part of the Greek mainland that is safe the Peloponnesian. Greeks start to set up a new government around the area of ancient Sparta. They block the isthmus from Athenian land to the Peloponnesian. The islands around Greece are mostly safe with only the islands of Chios, Tinos and Laurium infected. Italy also started a program to help the plague refugees seek shelter. They called the camps the Sicilian Organization because the island of Sicily nominated itself to be the first island quarantined for the refugees. Venice also became an island refugee camp.

With the sudden collapsing of the Middle east North America and the U.S.A goes into complete pandemonium in the year 1994. With the loss of fuel, Gas prices soar up. Energy is shut down all over the country. Some people go back to living in the stone age with no power. Parts of the electrical grid shut down leaving people stranded all over the place. America just barely manages to hold on. America receives small support from neighboring countries, but overall. Everyone worldwide seems to have been knocked over by a sonic boom. Without America to trade with the European Union's economy unsteadies, and so does the rest of the world. Pakistan collapses with the fall of the U.S. Liberia also falls and is divided and split up by gangs and political groups. India takes control over the Pakistan territory. Venezuela loses lots of money and goes into debt because now America is so disabled that they are not buying oil from Venezuela. Out of all the countries during Americas collapsing days China is now the strongest. Many people die in America because of the electrical shut down.

In 1994 the plague moved on to Germany, India, Pakistan, Italy, Turkmenistan, Austria, Hungary, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Libya, Ethiopia and Southern Sweden. Switzerland, being surrounded by the Alps is determined to be the only place in mainland Europe cold enough to keep out the Flu Plague. On August 28, 1994 a large migration known as the Swarming of Switzerland sends lots of healthy people fearing the Flu Plague towards Switzerland. In the summer of 1994 Nepal created refugee camps. Nepal was, Like Switzerland, too cold to be infected. Sri Lanka then quarantined themselves from the Flu Plague. China started to receive the plague in the Tibetan area in 1995. They blocked off eastern China from other people by creating the second wall of China. Italy's capital was moved from Rome to Messina on Sicily. Rome in the meantime was abandoned and quarantined. India's economy collapsed and many Indian people escaping the plague moved to Sri Lanka. A new man took power in the U.S.A and managed to strengthen the U.S little by little until the U.S partially regained its composure. The plague moved from Ethiopia to Somalia, Kenya, and Uganda. Hunter gatherer tribes were not that affected because they lived apart from society and constantly moved. The Flu Plague could not keep up with them. They survived and lived better then anyone else at the time of the growing plague. Germany starts to crumble with the arrival of the Flu Plague. In the Spring 1996 Germany collapses. With Germany, the strongest economy in the European Union, collapsing Europe falls. Economy throughout Europe goes into complete Pandemonium. Mobs break out within France, Belgium, and Spain. Italy goes into complete debt and finally in the fall of 1996 the U.S.A collapses with the loss of Europe.

Fall of the New World

When the European Union collapsed so did America and Brazil. With the New World's biggest powers down the other countries went into terror. Canada also collapsed with the fall of Europe. Wars emerged all around the New World continents. Venezuela and Colombia went to war with each other. Venezuela then accidentally launched missiles at Peru. Peru retaliated and sent invading forces to assist Colombia on the Venezuelan war front. Suriname, Guyana, and French Guyana collapsed in the year 1997. In 1997 Peru and Colombia finished off Venezuela and divided it amongst each other. Colombia got control of western Venezuela and Caracas. Peru got the rest. Uruguay collapsed later that year with Mexico, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Mexico was overtaken by drug dealer gangs who conquer and divide Nicaragua.

In the year of 1998 the Flu Plague spread across the ocean into Iceland, Greenland and Northeastern Canada. The news of the Flu Plague in America didn't reach the rest of the world until it finished. Argentina took control of Uruguay and Chile. Bolivia took control of Paraguay. Ecuador set up a refugee camp on the Galapagos island. The Flu Plague then reached Maine and spread south from there. Alaska was safe because of the cold weather. In 1999 most of North and Central America was infected. When the Flu Plague hit South America it spread like wildfire. All South American countries were disabled.

Millions died throughout America. Colombia slowly managed to build up its power in the world in the years of 2000 and 2001. The Andes mountains in Peru kept some people safe.

End of the Flu Plague

As the Flu Plague neared its end in 2006 China was infected.


Post Plague Countries

Countries or Territories that mostly survived the Flu Plague



New Nations, Territories or Empires

The World after the Plague


Followers of Life

One major religion emerged, that religion was known as the Religion of Life. In 2009 it successfully replaced most of the world religions. It's holy city is in Mexico City. The religion encourages a simple life without electrical technologies. It encourages you to get a feel for the Earth and become one with nature. They have a single spirit that is worshipped in their religion and they believe that this spirit is good and kind and gives second chances. They believe that when you die you are then reincarnated into a new form. The first leader of this religion was Pope Francis I. He started to lead people around the Mexico area and then spread the religion into North and South America.

The Beliefs of Terence

Pagan beliefs

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