The Planet of the lemmings, sometimes known as the Era of the lemmings, was a terrible time in the history of human kind, in this age or era, lemmings took over the human world, reducing us into simple creatures. In this article I hope to guide you through some of the more memorable times during the Planet of the Lemmings.

The Dawn of a new Era

On the 17th of March, 1876, a zoo in New Jersey was overrun by lemmings. You may say, how did they do that? Well that is what I'm going to tell you. The lemmings realised that they could defeat their captors by running at them in a swarm, they did this and soon after were in control of New Jersey and its three neighbouring states, New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania. How did they realise that they were so powerful, well that was because of one certain lemming called Mr. I.M.A. Lemming.

I.M.A. Lemming

I.M.A. Lemming was the ruthless leader of the lemmings during this harsh time, he realised what thousands of small furry mammals charging at one small zoo keeper could do. He realised this because Mr. Lemming was one of those most dangerous of creatures, a clever lemming. Now, you may say what was the zoo doing with thousands of lemmings but that is beside the point, in fact it's not even beside the point because the point doesn't like it so it's in the other room, sulking because nobody likes it. SORRY, I've been ranting, sorry...

Moving Patterns

After taking the zoo, the lemmings soon took over New Jersey and it's three neighbouring states, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware, next to fall was Nevada, now I know you may say that Nevada is no-where near New Jersey but that's out in the other room to the point as well and the fact the the next three states to fall where Wyoming, South Dakota and Oklahoma was hated even by the facts in the other room, so it went out for a walk. SORRY, once again, I've been ranting, OK back to the, uh..., plans, yeah....Soon after Oklahoma fell every United State of America had fallen and soon to follow was ocean1a, China, Russia then Asia, Africa and last to fall was Europe. Now the reason that they didn't go straight from America to Europe was that they couldn't find a cliff big enough to get then across the Atlantic ocean.

The End of the Planet of the Lemmings

The Era of the Planet of the Lemmings came to an abrupt end on the 17th of March 1880, exactly four years after the breakout from the zoo, humanity was saved as Mr. I.M.A. Lemming, because of an impulsive instinct, hurled himself of the Lemmingpire state building, after him, the entire lemming race gave birth (only the females obviously) and hurtled of any nearby cliffs or equally high means of killing a small mammal, such as Mount Lemmingmoore and the brown, fluffy, small house.

Meanwhile in a parallel universe... ...The Lemmings retake control after four years of being enslaved by humans.....

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