Alternative History
Republic of Poland
Rzeczpospolita Polska
Timeline: Cabotia and Brasil
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others Lithuanian, Ruthesian
State religion, freedom granted
  others Judaism
Government Parliamentary republic
Prime Minister

Poland was one of the four nations established from the former Dual Commonwealth. Poland limits north with Lithuania and the Baltic Sea, east with Germany, south with Hungary, and east with Ruthenia

Comparison to our timeline: Poland is more or less equal to OTL's Poland, with pre-1939 borders in the West and the Curzon Line B at the East, plus East Prussia.


The Crown of Poland was a constitutive state of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. However, when the Dual Commonwealth felt apart in early 20th century, at the Peace Conferences at Frankfurt it was decided to divide the territory in four states. First among the traditional divisions between the Crown (Poland) and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and then the former Crown territories were divided between Poland and Ruthenia with an approximate division between East and West Slavic ethnicities (whatever people at Frankfurt thought that would meant).

Poland has been, politically, the most stable nation of the former Dual Commonwealth, and is a founder member of the Baltic Common Market.

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