Alternative History

Poland is a nation in Eastern Europe, once one of the largest nations in Europe, before it was partitioned in the late 18th century.

In Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Both Nations, as Poland was formally known at the time, had sat out the First Global War, while her major neighbors had fought in the war. In 1763, during the War, King Augustus III died. Russia and Austria were both too busy attempting to defend themselves to dominate the election of a new king, and so, Kazimierz Pulaski was elected king. The newly-crowned King Kazimierz attempted to steer Poland on an independant course. This alarmed Russian and Austria, and so, in 1769, they signed an agreement to invade Poland. Kazimierz was forced to abdicate, and in his place, Catherine the Great placed her former lover Stanislaus Augustus as king. Both Austria and Russia took slices of Polish territory in addition.

Stanislaus co-operated with reformist elements within Poland, and in 1791, a new constitution was drawn up for Poland, which strengthened the central government and established a hereditary monarchy.

This lead to the Second Partitioning of Poland, in which Austrian, Russian, and Prussian forces invaded, dividing most of Poland's territory among them. After a futile uprising, Poland was completely eliminated in 1795 in the Third Partioning of Poland, most of her former territory divided between Austria and Russia, with Prussia holding some as well.