Political parties are organizations that aim to gain control over a government through the existing policial structure, which typically entails proposing candidates to fill political seats. Different parties tend to follow different ideologies, which are laid out in party platforms.

List of Active Political Parties

Political Parties can be organized by nation, or by international affiliation. The following list will be organized by nation, but will also indicate the international affiliation.

Nation Name Affiliation

Controls Executive

Controls Legislative Membership
PRA Socialist Party of America Socialist International Yes Yes xxx,yyy,zzz
USSR Communist Party of the Soviet Union Comintern Yes Yes xxx,yyy,zzz

Partisan Systems

There are three primary types of partisan systems in which different nations may have. These are the:

  • Single-Party System
  • Two Party System
  • Multi-Party System

Single-Party System

The Single-Party System is mostly practiced in Socialist and Communist nations. In a Single-Party System, their is only one dominant party. This party's leadership is often synonymous with the leadership of the nation since the policy makers are directly under the control of the party leadership.

In this system, there may be more than one party, but the other parties typically do not have any influence, and are considered to be "resistance parties" most of the time.

In the normal Single-Party System, the populace is automatically enrolled into the dominant, or only party, in order to make the party seem larger than it would normally be. This is used for international politics.

Two Party System

The Two Party System is mostly practiced in Capitalist nations.

Multi-Party System

The Multi-Party System is mostly practiced in Capitalist nations.

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