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Pre Doomsday

United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

There were many Political parties in the former UK.

England and the rest of the UK

Conservative Party

Labour Party

Liberal and Social Democrat Party commonly known as the Lib Dem Party

National Front (NF)

Scotland only

Scottish Conservatives

Scottish National Party (SNP)

Wales only

Plaid Cymru - Party of Wales

Cornwall only

Mebyon Kernow - Sons of Cornwall

Ulster only

Sinn Fein

Ulster Unionist party (UUP)

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

Alliance Party

Eire (Republic of Ireland)

Fianna Fáil

Fianna Gael

Labour Party

Workers Party

Post Doomsday

Dalriadic Party- Centre-right, traditional conservative party. Formed from members of the UUP, DUP and SNP, Promotes ideals of a united Celtic nation. Has had an influx of British Conservatives since DD.

Celtic Democratic Bloc- Believes in centre-left government and greater autonomy for the nations of the Alliance.

Sinn Fein- Centre-left party.

Celtic Labour, Workers and Socialist Party (CLWSP)- Believe in increasing rights for workers across the Alliance, close links Siberia, Cuba and West Poland.

There are several independence movements are active within the Celtic Alliance, mainly using the Celtic Alliance Bill of Rights, to try and establish their individual independence, in particular:

  • Point 1 - That the principle of any sovereignty resides solely in the people. No body or individual can exert authority which does not emanate expressly from it.
  • Point 10 - Everyone has the right to leave the Alliance, and to return.

Ulster Independence Party (UIP)- Far-right party, believe that Ulster should be made independent for obvious reasons. Formed by the unification of DUP and UUP in 1991, Led by Jim Allister.

Welsh Nationalist Party (Welsh: Cenedlaetholdeb Plaid Cymreig) - formed by members of Plaid Cymru (English: The Party of Wales), Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (English: The Welsh Language Society) and Cofiwn (English: Remember), and the more militant Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (English: Movement for the Defence of Wales), and The Free Wales Army (FWA) (Welsh: Byddin Rhyddid Cymru) they are asking for Welsh independence from the Celtic Alliance.

Party of British Nationalists and Conservatives (PBNC)- Far to centre right Britons, believe that the Celtic influence in the former UK will destroy the "British way of life". Its main aim is for the separation of the counties of England from the Celtic Alliance and the formation of the Republic of Wessex from the ancient counties of Berkshire, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, it also included Hampshire (which includes the Isle of Wight) although this area is controlled by Southern England. In part formed from former National Front and Conservative Party members along with members of the minor Wessex Regionalist Party and has had political relations with the True British Army in the past.

Cornish-Breton Independence League- Mostly Cornish or Breton peoples, they believe that these areas should be made independent due to the large number of non-celtic people living there. Formed in part from members of Mebyon Kernow (English: Sons of Cornwall), Gorseth Kernow (English: Throne of Cornwall) and the Breton Democratic Union (Breton: Unvaniezh Demokratel Breizh).

There are reports that since the regional assemblies have been set up in Cornwall and Devon, and Brittany and Normandy, that the Independence league may be in the process of splitting up.

Eire Isolationist Party- People who believe that Eire's isolationist stance is responsible for their survival, continuing this stance will save Eire from future disaster.

Manx Nationalist Party - Citizens of the Isle of Man (Manx) who believe Manx should become a separate nation, formed from members of Mec Vannin (English: Sons of Mann) and Manx People's Political Association (MPPA)

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