The following is a list of the major political parties in the Republic of New England.

Parties with Representation

Progressive Social Democratic Party

The Progressive Social Democratic Party (PSDP) is the left-wing member of the RNE's political spectrum, about equal to the Social Democratic parties of Europe. It has a platform of social democracy/democratic socialism, with a large dose of social liberalism for good measure. Three of the RNE's six presidents have been members of the PSDP (Milton Emerson, Jr., Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean) and it is the largest party in both houses of congress.

Centrist Party

The Centrist Party is a group of fiscal and social centrists, although it has been moving to the left on social issues recently. Two of the RNE's six presidents have been members of the Centrist Party (Lincoln Chafee, Susan Collins), and one unaffiliated president (Michael Dukakis) now identifies with the Centrist Party. It is the second largest party in both houses of congress.

Conservative Party

The Conservative Party is the smallest political party with representation (three members in the house of representatives) in congress. It is certainly further center than the Conservative Party of the United States, but further right than the Conservative Parties of the UK and Canada. It has never had a successful presidential candidate.

Parties Without Representation

New English Green Party

The Greens have small but relevant support in the RNE. It has a couple of seats in state a few state congresses (it gives the PSDP a supermajority in Maine). It is slightly further left than the PSDP.

Libertarian Party of New England

The Libertarians are social liberals/fiscal uber-conservatives. They've challenged for a few seats in Massachusetts. The closes the came was taking a rural Massachusetts country, but the Centrist Party candidate beat him.

American Reunification Party

The ARP is a group of people who believe the RNE should rejoin the United States. The relatively small group has never challenged for a seat, and normally does protesting in the capital. They don't have an official stance on anything except their desire to rejoin the United States.

Acadian Unionist Party

The AUP are slightly crazier than the ARP: they believe that the RNE should join Acadia as a province, or separate provinces. Like the ARP, they're mostly a protest group in the capital, and like the ARP, they have no official party stances except their desire to join Acadia.

New England Nationalist Front

The political wing of the RNE nationalist militia (the Revolutionary Nationalist Front of New England) group the continues to patrol the border area of West Vermont. They have hardly any platform, other than opposition to gun control, and increased protection for private militias defending the RNE.

Defunct Parties

Labor Party

The Labor Party was one of the first political parties founded after the RNE's secession, was dissolved in 1998 after many members marooned the Labor Party for the PSDP, and trade unions were allying more with the PSDP than the Labor Party. It was slight further left than the PSDP.

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