Welcome to the Political Simulation Game, an innovative new game where players can simulate politicians, run for office, and run the United States of America!

Based on the tenets of Presidential Election Game, this simulation will begin in 1979, with role-playing and alternate history determining the course of the free world at the climax of the Cold War.

Current Year: Quarter 2, 1979



  • Rex, Founder and Chief Administrator
    • Krasnoyarsk, Politics Deputy Chief Administrator
      • Elections Administrator
    • Person, Policy Deputy Chief Administrator


See main article: Rules (Political Simulation Game)

General Rules

  • This is a political simulation. That means each user will be simulating a fictitious politicians of their creation.
  • Plausibility is of the utmost importance. You are expected to comport yourself in a stately manner, and a scandal may arise if you fail to do so.
  • Congressional elections will be held every two years, with Presidential elections taking place every four years. 

Character Creation

Each character can have up to 50 points. Points will be attributed to the following:

  • 30 Points - Former Cabinet-level Official (excluding State, Defense and Justice)
  • 30 points - General
  • 25 Points - State Party Boss (Trait)
  • 20 Points - Senator
  • 20 points - Former Lieutenant Governor
  • 20 Points - Registered as an Independent
  • 20 Points - Former Ambassador
  • 20 points - Colonel
  • 15 Points - Former Representative
  • 15 Points - Former Business Executive
  • 15 points - Former Sports star or other non- political celebrity
  • 15/10 Points - Combat/Military Veteran
  • 10 Points - Doctor
  • 10 points - High level state position
  • 10 points - Judge
  • 7.5 points - Major medal during military service
  • 5 Points - Ivy League Education
  • 5 points - Low level state position
  • 5 points - Lawyer
  • 2.5 points - Minor medal during military service

You must create a page for your character, outlining his or her background. The page must also use Template:Infobox officeholder to provide a basic overview of your character's history.

Please, keep in mind in 1979, the president is Jimmy Carter, so only Democrats and left-leaning Independents may hold Cabinet-Level or Ambassadorial posts. Republicans and right-leaning Independents may have held Cabinet-Level or Ambassadorial posts under Ford or Nixon.

Please also note the following three graphics when selecting your state/district.

Election Rules

Presidential Election

The presidential election shall be comprised of two stages: the primary and the general election.

Senate Elections

  • Each player in the Senate must face either a House challenger or an NPC to be re-elected.

House Elections

  • Each player in the House of Representatives is automatically re-elected.

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