Alternative History
Duchy of Pomerania
Herzogtum Pommern
Timeline: Ninety-Five Theses (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Pomerania
Dark Green: Pomerania Light Green: Vassals (Livonia)
(and largest city)
Official languages German, Polish
Regional languages Swedish,Livonian, Estonian, Latvian
Ethnic groups  German, Polish, Baltic
Demonym Pomeranian
Membership Holy Roman Empire
Government Duchy
 -  Duke Barnim IX
 -  Created by Wartislaw I, Duke of Pomerania 1121 
 -  Reunited by Duke Bogislaw X 1478 
 -  Vassalization of Ostland and Livonia 1530 

The Duchy of Pomerania (German: Herzogtum Pommern) (Polish: Księstwo Pomorskie) is a German soverign nation located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, north of Brandenburg. It is a Duchy currently ruled by Duke Barnim IX of the House of Griffins. Its coat of arms is a red griffin on a white shield.

Government and Economy

The Duchy of Pomerania is a Protestant nation under the Holy Roman Empire.

The Baltic port city of Stettin (Szczecin) is a major economic hub of the nation and much of the Northeastern HRE.


Kingdom of Livonia

Formally the Kingdom of Ostland and the Livonian order, Livonia was given to the Duchy of Pomerania after a long brutal war with Poland, an outbreak of the plague, and genoice of ethnic balts in the latter end of the 1520's. It is ruled de jure by the former ruling house of Ostland, but is practically under military control.