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Zaire - a large country with a tragic history of autocracy and an FSC invasion invasion which deposed the Joseph-Désiré Mobutu regime. (an iraq war parallel).

Mali - how did this peaceful, democratic, and large nation in West Africa avoid communism, post-colonial strife, tame the troubled western Sahara area, and now prosper to be the 8th largest world economy?

Argentina - what Canada is to the US in OTL, Argentina is to the FSC in this ATL.

Arkanna - North of the Rio Grande, this border country with the FSC is the center of the Texan immigration debate.

Texas - A country with no extradition laws, this country has the hosted the villainous (Nazis on the run) and the noble (Mahatma Gandhi-who died there).

California - includes Baja California, this country had a long troubling history with inflation. Since the brilliant introduction of the Californian Dollar in 1994, Californian has grown to the 6th largest Nominal GDP in the world. (a Brazilian parallel in this ALT) Includes Hawaii as a state.

Juneau - the only full communist country in the Americas. (a Cuban parallel in this ATL)


Michigan - resisted incorporation into the Ohio Republic during the Toledo War



Mohave The last colonial holdout, still maintains strong relations with Spain.


United States of America - down to seven states after the successful separation of the Confederate States of America during their successful revolt.

Confederate States of America

Louisiana - the second largest country in North America.

Maine - Able to achieve independence from the United States during the War of 1812, with the help of the English Empire.

Canada - without Quebec, but includes Alaska, sans Juneau. The only state that borders Juneau.



Saxony - city-state (a Luxembourg parallel)

Portugal - how did this seafairing nation keep the far more powerful Spain (in this ATL) from incorporating it?

Münster - one of the Germanic states.

Mecklenburg - one of the Germanic states.

Germany - a small Germanic states. This was annexed by Adolf Hitlers Roman Reich in the lead-up to World War II.

Brittany - How did this French satellite keep its independence from the weakened France?

Yugoslavia - How did the European war play out without Bosnia, western Croatia, and Montenegro (part of Italy in this ALT)?

Denmark - still holds Norway.

Crimea - is this (Israeli parallel) Jewish State any safer in its location at the North Black Sea, since its formation after World War II?

Greek Israel, Lebanon and Palestine - How is this UN monitored, Greek administered area still a pain in the ass for world peace?

Iraq - with the FSC using military concentrating on Africa, Iraq is still under the rule of Saddam Hussein?

Iran - with the FSC using military concentrating on Africa, how does Iran balance its wars with Iraq and an encroaching Indian influence?

Egypt - How is this countries history taken over by Coptic christian interests?

Saudi Arabia - with diminished British influence how did this country successfully incorporate it's southern borders to the sea?

Australia - How does the nation cope with Queensland as apart of the Federated States? an Italian colonial past? and an Italian culture?

North Japan - How did the North Korean scenario play out in North Japan? This includes the war with the FSC.

South Japan - How did the South Korean scenario play out in South Japan?

China - a smaller landmass due to Russian intervention, no communism, and a history of gangsterism in the 70's and 80's.

Nepal - Mao Zedong took refuge here after his failed attempt to convert China to communism. He deposed the monarchy an oppressive created a communist regime.

Vietnam - a tragic war with the FSC in the 60's. Still communist.

Heilong - an independent former soviet satellite Northeast of China.

Timurid - an independent country Northwest of China.

Gandhi - lead a tragic revolution in India that was hijacked by violence.

Nehru - helped lead a tragic revolution in India that was hijacked by violence. The first person assassinated in the violent end of the Raj and the beginning of the Hindu theocracy.

Enrique Penaranda - the FSC parallel to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Sofard Boliviano - the FSC parallel to Harry Truman.

Francisco Franco - How did this asshole change his stripes to be a democratic hero during World War II?

Benito Mussolini - How did this asshole change his stripes to be a democratic hero during World War II?

Kim Gu - a World War II parallel to Tojo.

Adolf Hitler - Born in Romana, what changed about his involvement in the Third Roman Reich?

Cold War - how did the Cold War play out between a Polish dominated USSR, a strong communist movement in Africa, and the other world hegemony the FSC?

South Africa - a parallel to French Indonesia.

Indonesia - a parallel to South Africa where France make the mistakes of apartheid.

Barack Obama - This is the first Hawaiian and first Black President of California. canon

Harrison Ford - Current President of the United States.

Charles de Gaulle - a parallel to Mussolini.

Albert Einstein - Fled Romana for the FSC before World War II, avoiding the Holocaust.

Italian Revolution - a parallel to the French Revolution. Please mention and link to the Napoleonic Wars

Napoleon Bonaparte - Because Sicily was not purchased by France, Napoleon is Italian. Please mention and link to the Napoleonic Wars

Wallsoft Ventana - a parallel to Microsoft

Dongyang Project - a popular video game in Korea. canon

9/11 - the parallel event that occurs here is a small nuclear bomb that explodes outside of the capital of the FSC. It has been determined that it was detonated from inside a car and had the coordination of 15 terrorists. Why the bomb was not detonated within the center of the city is a mystery. A commission was organized to determine how the weapon of mass destruction was smuggled from Zaire into the country and why it was detonated outside of the city. The reason why it wasn't donated inside the city center is still unknown: be it good luck, error, plan, or actual security deterrence.

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