Alternative History
Kingdom of Portugal
Reino de portugal
Timeline: The 1800's
OTL equivalent: Portugal
Flag of Portugal (1830).svg 1120 - 1890
Flag Coat of arms
Hino da Carta
Official languages Portuguese, Latin
Religion Roman Catholicism
Demonym Portuguese
Government Absolute monarchy (1120 - 1834)
Constitutional monarchy (1834 - 1890)
 -  First Monarch (1800's) Peter IV
 -  First Prime Minister (1800's) Pedro de Sousa Holstein
Currency Portuguese real

The Kingdom of Portugal or known colloquially as Portugal, was a monarchy consisting of present day Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, and minor islands isolated in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. It's existence was from 1120 to 1890, in which the prime minister ordered reforms to a republic in 1890.


For history prior before 1800, see History of Portugal

The 1800's was a rough start for the Portuguese, as the Spanish was colonizing other isolated lands in the Atlantic Ocean. The king, who at the time as a absolute monarch, ordered a expansion of the Portuguese military, to maintain colonies in Africa and South America, who were mainly either under Spanish, French, or British hands. The Brazilian colony was ordered to militarize the borders near French and British Guiana, which was usually militarized by British arsenal.