Post-Black Death is what happen if Black Death (Bubonic Plague) actually did more damage to Europe (via kill 98%) and take a big minor hit in both Middle East (killing 30 to 35%) and North African (killing 5%) regions as well.

Point of Divergence

Results of the Post-Black Death world

Lot things got massively change with Plague did to the world.

Long Term Results

The original Europeans who did manage survive plague take very slowly recovered until the 1760s with some manage fight back against plague and foreigners. Others regions like the Middle East and Africa resulted with more Civil Wars and some with Societal collapse for next couple centuries.


  • The Kingdom of Sami already formed the former Scandian lands in the late 1500s and expanded through until they finally reach the endpoint of the subregion in 1861. In 2014, Kingdom has dissolved into big Confederal Republic as the Republic of Sami as means continue relations to its ethnic minorities.
  • Remaining Celtic nations who surprising survived are reformed their former glory like the Kingdom of Ireland (reformed in the 1590s), the Kingdom of Scotland (reformed in 1620s) and Welsh Confederation (later reformed as the Kingdom of Wales in 1710s). In 1974 they manage a political union (Celtic Union) to side their cultural differences and fighting any threat to their cultural people.
  • Kingdom of Poland who remains to exist until the 1860s with Mongolian Empire annexed them. And was only in Eastern Europe who survived the plague.
  • Byzantine Empire thoroughly fights back the plague (and Pyrrhic succeed through) lose all their land except three provinces formerly for decades and cause three civil wars to survives, After all, that they colonized what remains of other south European nations and converted their tribes into their bare Empire back mostly to former glory until their first war against Emirate of Granada with almost land taken from them. Byzantine Empire remains existed as Roman Empire in the mid-1930s where they finally can reborn Empire to its former glory from 453 AD and still continue to exist as of this modern day.

Middle East/Asia

  • Abbasid Caliphate has nearly abandoned its northwest and almost west parts of their Caliphate due of Plague affected their citizens and kill three million-seventy hundred and forty-six people from it, As consequences Kingdom of Coptica was formed/secede the 1450s and attacked their northeast land by Mongol Empire (and it's sub-khanate IIkhanate). Their religious population mostly converted to Shia with emigrated into Persian Caliphate thus collapsing Caliphate when begin forming and the minority of population converted to Nestorianism/Classical Orthodoxy/Assyrian Christianity for years to come.
  • Mongol Empire (later as Mongolian Empire) has formed as same, But due of all European nations (except few remaining survivors ones) are destroyed by Plague they are taking all former lands and invaded last remaining nation (Kingdom of Poland) in 1863. They are remained to be almost important Empire in Modern history.
    • It's sub-Khanate IIkhanate got expanded and breakoff from Empire until 1602 with Khanate lost almost their land by Byzantine Empire and rest in next few years it's rest remain either reformed/turn into Persian Caliphate and small parts annexed by Mongolian Empire.



Religious results

  • Christianity got mass hit with plague majority of Catholic and Orthodox populations. While Miaphysite and Nestorian either got comebacks with new converts and as represents Christianity in all years to come.
    • The original Catholicism has now deduced to Independent Catholicism (inwards of a successor to original faith) as Papacy has disbanded in 1352 by plague slowly kill the whole Holy See and rest of Papal States with limited plague doctors defending them, Just leaving was Catholic faith used be without holy leader guide for religion's future. As of early 2018, they are twenty-seven million, three hundred and eighty-three followers of faith and they appear throughout Europe and smaller parts of West Asia, And only one modern nation used have Independent Catholic as State Religion until 2004 (What will be the Kingdom of Scotland).
      • However, they were attempted of revived Papacy/Holy See from the late 1800s all way into this day as "Neo-Catholicism" and as so far there attempt nearly successfully attempted in 1940s as Neo-Catholic movement and gain members of 75,000+ at its peak in 1972 but failed afterward in rest of century due of illegalized in Roman Empire soils and reduce into 24,000 in mostly Wales and some parts of Northern Central Europe.
    • [Eastern] Catholic Orthodoxy did manage to survive and slowly converting near tribes in South European regions into faith thanks to Byzantine Empire manage to keep itself survive all this time. As of 2017, they are remaining predominant part of Southern European society and appear various parts in North Europe under both Roman and Mongolian Orthodox churches.
    • Miaphysite Orthodoxy gets big comeback as newly formed the Kingdom of Coptica successfully secede from Abbasid Caliphate and plus thousands of Bedouins and Berbers are converted (either forced convert or not) to faith and even includes create their own denominations (Berber Orthodox Church and Bedouin Orthodox Chuch [of Askum and Alexandria]) proven by Coptic Pope as Autonomous Churches of Coptic Orthodox Church. As of 2018, they are remaining predominant for North African and almost East side of African cultures and nations with mostly in the Middle East.
    • Nestorianism/[As]Syrian Christianity/Classical Orthodoxy change mildly with Church of East get little benefit from plague is by some successfully converting some Assyrians and Levantines into faith for a small while until almost them moved into northwest Europe and attempted to form a kingdom (would later as the Kingdom of Eurosyria to later the Eurosyrian Republic since 1995) where they won't be persecuted. As of 2017, they are only two nations in one of Northwest land of was Eurosyria and other is still in modern-day Syria have Nestorian or Classical Orthodoxy/Assyrian Christianity as State Religion with both nations have Majority (around 70 to 68%) are members.
  • Islam while got mostly unchanged except this time both Sunni and Shia get an equal population of believers on/off until Shia get dominated Islamic world since 1883. But however, in modern times they are losing members (in all sects) to other religions and irreligious beliefs ever since the late 1980s.
    • Sunni Islam was almost affected plague into their holy site (Jerusalem) thus cost warn thousands to not go until plague is clean out. But it causes major consequences of not unbanned cause some converted to Shia and even to (almost forced) Miaphysite Christianity as Copts successfully pulling off secede from Abbasid Caliphate. They keep on/off losing to Shia faith for centuries until 1883.
    • Shia Islam has benefited from the plague as thousands converted to their faith and strengthen Persian Caliphate for next three-fifteen years until it's collapse with Enlightenment cause blow of religious Islam to lead rise of Secular Islamism and later Post-Islamic movements in the late 1800s to 1840s. But not less it leads finally beat Sunni Islam by membership in 1883.
  • New Religion emerges in what remains of Ireland with Pádraig (a Christopagan religion) in the early 1390s as several people in northwest part of post-black death Ireland have if not all abandoned Independent Catholic Christianity and want to revive Celtic faith in their version with believing that portrayed St. Patrick as one their semi-Celtic deity/Celtic hero in Celtic mythology. For next hundred years, they successfully convert most the island's population into faith. And remain a majority of Irish people ever since until the 1960s with Multiculturalism take place from neighboring nations.
  • Sami Paganism has been present Sami folk and some post-Scandian people. They are remain be existed to this day as Predominant faith (85% of the population) for the Republic of Sami.
  • Dharmic religions remain majority unchanged except Mongolian Empire (aka Mongol Empire) readopted Buddhist faith in 1702 as new State Religion of Empire with Mongolian Emperor has converted to their faith for his love interest. And Sikhism is new religion found in the 1400s for mostly Punjabis, nearly Sindhis, few hundred Marathis and couple hundred Rajasthanis.
    • As of 2017, Buddhism is biggest Indian religion in Asia and Eastern Europe with 916 million followers.
    • Hinduism has remained major religion in the Indian subcontinent with 895 million followers.
    • Sikhism also have thirty-two million followers and they are in Indian and Southeast Asia regions.
    • Jainism have fifteen million followers throughout Indian subcontinent with thousands around Eastern Hemisphere.

Biology Results

  • As results of biology affected by Industry in the 1800s, a new sub-species of Homo Sapien (Homo Sapien Captiosus) came out from Africa and begin living long side with Main species (especially among Central African tribes) and giving them the new knowledge that they found by themselves.
    • This was never found until the 1980s with geneticists discovered out of those Humans are a sub-type of current Humans.
  • In 2010 (around 2012 to 2016) that new movement called Transhumanism of humans what want to be modified themselves through either cybernetics and genetic engineering to involve species.

Technology Results

  • Due of plague kill big parts of the European population, It takes centuries of European kingdoms and Byzantine Empire slowly developing new technologies to survive. Just leaving for British nations developing a more of semi-permanent "Celtic" version of your version of the Renaissance.
  • However, Byzantine Empire did mange somewhat of Medical Golden age in the early 1800s, That lasted for nine years, Including one that could prevented a new black death in future.
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