Post-Syndax Era

Post-Syndax Era is the name of the time period we live in currently. It describes the time after the initial outbreak of the virus, Syndax, in 2009.


In 2009, scientists in China discovered a new type of toxin. Named The Syndax Virus, the Chinese government explored ways to mass produce the virus to be used as a biological weapon in case of warfare. To test the effects of the new virus, the toxin was released on a test subject in a secret governemnet lab in Beijing. After infecting the test subject, scientists discovered the man was immune to the effects of the gas and dubbed the attempt unsuccessful. However, instead of poisoning and killing him, the man's cells absorbed the virus, as his body was immune to the poison. After the test, the man began exhibiting strange behaviors. Scientists thought the virus was actually slowly killing him. However, the man's infected cells began multiplying, enough until he became it's patient zero. The man attacked his superiors, infecting them as well. After escaping from the lab, the man began assaulting citizens in Beijing. By days end, thousands of people were infected with the newly modified Syndax. Within days, millions of Chinese were infected with the disease. Foreign powers closed trade with China, afraid of spreading the virus. However, the virus made its way into Mongolia, India, and Bangeladesh. Soon, reports of the virus in Russia caused Europe to go quarantine, closing all contact with Russia. However, news reported that someone in Poland had contracted the virus. The disease then spread to Germany, Italy, Greece, France, and Spain. The UK cut off all trade and communication with Europe and looked to the U.S for help. However, despite their efforts, the British had become infected by the virus. By the time the U.S had gotten word of British infection, it was too late. Reports of the virus in America spread. Soon, the virus spread to Canada, as well as Mexico and down to South America. Even Australia had reports of infection. Within a month, the virus had infected every inhabited continent.


The Syndax virus is no longer a toxin. Those infected are mutated to the point of being inhuman. Brain function is reduced to a bare minimum. Infected have superhuman abilities such as enhanced strength and speed. A huge increase in stamina takes place, as well as rapid healing powers. Infected share no communication, and rarely travel in groups. Most go off on their own, looking for others to infect. Their only goal is to infect others and spread. So far, their is no cure.

Present Day

There are more infected in the world than normal humans. The few million remaining have formed new states and governments. Military enhancement has gone underway to try to counter infected. Scientists work around the clock to try to find a cure. The global community has begun to regrow. However, there is always the imminent possibility of attack.

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