Alternative History


A scenario in which the USSR-backed junta seizes control of Greece in the Greek Civil War. The secondary PODs are Communist revolts in Latin America and Asia, the seizure of Taiwan by the PRC as well as the onset of democratic socialisim. (That is earlier and not mentioned in the timeline).



1945-World War II ends.

1946-Greek Civil War starts. The USSR backs the socialists. The other countries, bound by the Communist Mutual Assistance Pact of USSR, China, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Albania, East Germany, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and the Greek Communist Party, assist the Greek Communists' militia. A socialist movement starts in Latin America, with Honduras, Mexico and Colombia being the bases of the insurgency. USSR launches "industrialization plan" to further industrialize the state. Communists seize power in free and fair elections in Finland. USSR announces aid packages for Eastern Europe and Asia.

1947-The USA, Britain and France have started supporting the Greek regime. A huge war. Turkey also supports the regime. A Communist movement wins in Honduran early elections. Honduras is now Communist and the USA tries to intervene. It successes in installing another regime but not in smothering the movement. The Latino Communists now switch their base of operations from Honduras to El Salvador and the Bahamas. Communists seize power in Brazil.

1948-Greek Communists now control Athens. A Communist state is installed. A Communist movement starts in Turkey, Syria and Iran. Another Communist revolt occurs in Honduras. This time, Soviet troops fly in from Kamchakta to support the revolt and prevent intervention. The El Salvadoran Communist militia rushes men and troops to supply the new regime while heavy equipment is provided by the USSR. The USA condemns that. El Salvador is now ruled by a moderately left group. The US rushes military aid to Turkey, Syria and Iran to protect them from revolts. The USSR supports a failed coup in Mexico. The USSR also provides sid to China, Greece and other Communist states. A new "Socialist World Order" starts with the international law unrecognized in socialist states and the USSR sets up what is the International Socialist Court, a court for socialist states. A Communist rebellion in Vietnam. A Communist coup in Sudan.

1949-USSR introduces more industrial reforms, including limited capitalism. USSR proposes aid plans to Africa and Asia. The USA proposes aid plans as well. The US Army deployed in Western Europe.