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800px-National Archives DC 2007

The National Archives Building before the destruction of Washington, DC.

History is based on facts, but interpreted by historians. For this reason, original documents have been preserved all over the world to assure an accurate record of history as found at the time in was happening. In addition to actual documents, copies of these documents are routinely distributed publicly to assure an informed population in many nations around the world. The original documents, however, remain housed in specially designed containers in relatively secure places.

Unfortunately, many of the archives buildings, such as that in Washington, DC, were near "ground zero" on September 25-26, 1983. In many cases, archives were set apart in regional locations, some of which have survived to this day.

Vermont archives 2009

In the stacks of the Vermont Archives.

With the 1983 event many of the archives in central locations were destroyed, but a number of those elsewhere survived. Those that have been located become valuable resources for those in control of them - both in terms of the information available, and in the buildings (and any staff who happen to have remained in them).

A number of states emerging after the 1983 event have started developing archives of their own.

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