This page documents the events leading up to the Night of the Living Alternate History map game.


  • 1 October- Night of the Living Dead is released in theaters.
  • 4 October- A private team of scientists in the United States begins research into Zombie warfare.
  • 30 December- a scientist from the research team is accidentally exposed to the experimental virus. The entire team is eventually contaminated.


  • 3 January- A contaminated scientist arrives in Milan, Italy to pitch their research to a private arms dealer. Despite not making a deal, the company retains a sample of the prototype virus.
  • 6 March- The virus spreads all across the southwest United States. Hundreds of people begin showing strange symptoms.
  • 15 March- Dozens of deaths are reported. Arizona declares a state of emergency.
  • 25 March- The scientist travels to London to meet with a potential buyer.
  • 30 March- The scientist group in the United States is arrested. The group is led by secret convoy to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma
  • 1 April- Humans resembling Zombies are reported in Arizona. Military aid arrives in major cities in the Southwest.
  • 3 April- Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is overrun from within. The “Zombies” are publicized throughout the United States despite the efforts of the government to cover it up. In England the virus first spread by the scientist infects thousands. The virus spreads to France.
  • 7 April- US forces engage waves of Zombies in Phoenix, Arizona. Much of northern Mexico and Baja is overrun.
  • 9 April- Milan is quarantined. The effort is mostly unsuccessful, and Zombies are reported near Turin and Genoa. In Ciudad Juarez, Mexico sections of the city are divided among local gangs.
  • 10 April- US military begin evacuating civilians in the southwest.
  • 11 April- Phoenix, Arizona is abandoned.
  • 14 April- At this time Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, and Nevada are in a state of emergency.
  • 1 May- the remaining state of Texas declares itself independent.
  • 2 May- Large-scale US withdraws begin in Vietnam.
  • 3 May- The Bay Republic is formed in San Francisco.
  • 15 May- Northern California declares its independence.
  • 16 May- Normandy and Brittany are overrun with Zombies. Blockades are established near Paris, Tours and Nantes.
  • 24 May- Zombies enter West Germany.
  • 10 June- The Soviets expand the Berlin Wall in an effort to halt Zombies in West Germany and France.
  • 11 June- The City of London locks itself off from London. Much of southern England remains Zombie-filled. The British army occupies several large cities.
  • 15 July- Zombies reach the outskirts of Chicago. The US government is able to hold them off.
  • 17 July- Forgottonia declares independence and walls its few citizens within the capitol.
  • 19 July- Checkpoints facilitating refugees are set up in the Eastern US.
  • 20 July- Casualties in western Texas increase. Texans abandon everything west of Lubbock.
  • 25 July- Zombies overrun Indiana.
  • 26 July- Erie declares its independence.
  • 20 August- President Nixon begins the Blockade Campaign, a large scale operation with the goal of pushing the Zombies back to the Mississippi. The President urges all states to stay loyal to the government.
  • 21 August- State soldiers from Philadelphia enter Erie, beginning the Pennsylvanian Civil War.
  • 25 August- Erie forces manage to hold back the superior enemy forces at Clearfield.
  • 28 August- The government in Pittsburgh allies with Erie.
  • 15 September- Erie-Pittsburgh forces are defeated at the Battle of Johnstown.
  • 16 September- US ground forces push the Zombies back to Louisville and Nashville, taking heavy casualties.
  • 17 September- Providence declares its independence.
  • 20 September- US soldiers enter Pennsylvania in hopes of ending the war. The US occupies Chambersburg.
  • 21 September- Much of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan are overrun.
  • 24 September- Russian citizens, loosely backed by the Russian government enter Alaska in an effort to help halt the Zombie invasion north. The Russians turn against the Alaskans and occupy Anchorage and several western towns. Large amounts of oil are also seized.
  • 30 September- Alaskan citizens take up arms against the Russians in Anchorage. Several dozen citizens are killed

The Alaskan government declares its independence.

  • 5 October- A loose band or Alaskan citizens and US armed forces begin the Siege of Anchorage.
  • 9 October- Anchorage is retaken by the Alaskans. Small skirmishes continue in the west.
  • 11 October- A ceasefire is declared between the Russians and the Alaskans.
  • 30 October- Peace talks begin in Chambersburg to discuss the war in Pennsylvania.
  • 31 October- Meridian, Mississippi is secured by the US.
  • 1 November- New England declares its independence, despite large areas of the region being contested.
  • 2 November- South Acadia is established in response to New England, blockading trade at Dover, New Hampshire.
  • 3 November- The York Federation is established.
  • 4 November- The Northwest Federation is formed.

Alaskan citizens protesting against Russian occupation in the west is ignored by the Alaskan government, which remains loyal to the United States.

  • 6 November- Maine rebels opposed to the Acadian rule form Baxter.
  • 8 November- New York City, filled with refugees, declares its independence, locking the island of Manhattan off from the outside.
  • 9 November- The Republic of Alaska declares its independence from Alaska in the city of Fairbanks. The state descends into civil war.
  • 10 November- Heavy bombing of Mississippi banks begins. Many bridges are targeted and destroyed. US forces begin besieging Memphis, Tennessee.
  • 11 November- Veteran’s Day in United States. The Pennsylvanian Civil War officially ends. Erie and Pittsburgh are recognized as independent from Pennsylvania.
  • 12 November- Franklin is established by traders and merchants in the territory cleared by the US military. In Juarez small pockets of resistance still remaining form the Republic of Juarez.
  • 13 November- In British Columbia the area of Vancouver declares its independence, as British Columbia.
  • 14 November- Louisiana declares its independence.
  • 20 November- Scotland leaves the United Kingdom. English soldiers are sent north into Scotland.

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