King of Gothenland
Reign 2nd February, 1339 - 9th October, 1353
Predecessor Karl V
Successor Eric III
Born 24th March, 1321
Jönköping, Gothenland
Died 9th October, 1353
Älmhult, Gothenland
Spouse Anna of Oswiecim
Issue Eric III


Full name
Premyslas Janssen
House Piast
Father John III
Mother Sophia

King of Gothenland during the mid-14th century, Premyslas, succeeded his brother in 1339.

Premyslas would spend much of his reign trying to expand his piecemeal holdings in Pomerelia and Poland into a coherent territory. He would try vainly to ingratiate himself into Casimir III's inner circle, hoping to be awarded a dukedom by military service. Whilst still a prince the Riksdag had tried to arrange a marriage with Casimir's younger sister Hedwig, however she would die before coming of age. He would eventually marry Anna of Oswiecim, which did little to improve his position, but it appears he loved her deeply anyway and they would have three children together.

Peace which had been signed with the Teutonic Knights in 1333 held, limiting Premyslas's ability to wage war against the Knights in their Baltic holdings. He did not join Denmark on their campaigns into Pomerania either, unwilling to displease Casimir. Instead Casimir directed Polish actions eastwards into Haylich and the Rus'. Premyslas and a host of Gothenlanders participated in one of Casimir's forays; a show of force in 1341 which would result in the annexation of Peremysl.

None of his efforts in Poland appeared to be rewarded or even noticed. Paranoid that Casimir would seize his land, he planned to massively increase the fortifications at Hel and Swiecie, as well as provide more forces for Casimir's wars. This led to a huge tax being levied in 1345 which was, predictably, rewarded with revolt. Gotland took little persuasion to rise in rebellion as well, but was placated when its merchants were given special status. Gothenland proper would take considerable effort to pacify and Premyslas would then spend much time and political effort to regain control over the nobles and the Riksdag. In the end only Hel would be fortified.

Gothenland, and coastal Poland, were hit by the Black Death in 1350 killing some 20% of the population. Most of Premyslas's political gains were swiftly undone by the general reaction to the loss of life as the nobility attempted to fix wages, again being rewarded by revolt.

Premyslas died in 1353 and was succeeded by his son Eric.

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