Alternative History

Cultural Differences from OTL[]

  • In cinema, there were rarely any propaganda films involving Communism and terrorism, especially involving with Canadian nationalists.
  • Computer Games became popular earlier as the digital revolution began in the 70s and 80s.
  • Rock N' Roll lasted until the late 60s.
  • Punk rock never became popular.
  • Sci Fi was a very popular school of literature.
  • Since L Ron Hubbard was killed in the Second Great War, the Church of Scientology was never formed.
  • Abortion is strongly discouraged and illegal in most countries.
  • The civil rights movement had a much bigger impetus as people didn't think of Communists being behind the civil rights movement.
  • As Canada is annexed into the USA.
  • In the Chilean War (which in OTL, was the Vietnam War), Draft dodgers didn't head for Canada. They were also hemmed in when Rumsfeld signed a border security agreement with Mexico.
  • Russia got into the Vietnam war instead of America, who funded decolonisation movements worldwide, including the Lord's Resistance Army, Mobutu's IC militias, the Vietcong among others.
  • There were no hippies in the 60s.
  • All drugs, except tobacco and alcohol, in America and some other countries are banned.
  • Alexander Fleming moved to Mexico after GW2, publishing a series of novels known as the Javier Iglesias series about a Mexican spy. There has been a successful franchise, with Ricardo Montalban considered the best actor to play the role.

Technological differences form OTL[]

  • Texas is the technological hub of America, with Houston hosting Silicon Valley rather than San Francisco. As a result, Texas is one of the most developed states in the USA alongside California and Pacifica.
  • The space race was more advanced ATL, with a Russian colony on the Moon, and several nations making Mars trips.


  • In America, because the Cold War was against a Czarist Russia, the term "red" is used less often. Instead, if a political candidate has a political ancestor or relative, then they stand less chance lest they be accused of being "Rommies!". Many say this fear of political dynasties cost RFK the election in 1968 and almost cost Bush the 2008 election.
  • Instead of Communist dictators, more terrorist groups affiliated themselves with Marxist Leninist Ideology than OTL, such as the Red Lions in Ethiopia, Shining Path in Gran Colombia, Bolshevik Fist in Russia, the IMLRA in Eire, Vietcong and Khmer Rouge in Indochina, Red Brigades in Europe, Baader Meinhof in Germany whose leaders were executed after they killed a member of the Imperial family and the Quebec Communist Party in the United States.