Adolf Hitler (1889-1991)

Born in San Antonio, Texas to Austrian Immigrants, Adolf Hitler eventualy enrolled in Harvard and graduated with flying colours in Political science.

State Senator (1919-1925)

Hitler ran for State Senator in Texas as an Independent on the platform of Change after seeing the corruption in both the Republicans and the Democrats. He won by a plurality for his seat. His proposed legislation included civil rights laws that would relax the Jim Crow laws in Texas. Naturally, these were shot down. So Hitler tried to run for Governor, which he got by a landslide thanks to greater use of the Radio in the United States. Soon, Texans were listening every week for Hitler's charismatic voice, discussing with the public for one hour a week about major issues, namely education, civil rights, Crime and the Constitution. He was known to work all day and have very little personal interests other than Classical music and art.

Governor of Texas (1925-1932)

Hitler's 7 years as governor are seen as a blessing by many in the Lone Star State. His fiscally conservative policies led to a high growth rate for his constituents as well as the expansion of industry. Crime dropped significantly as well as corruption and waste.

After Mulling about it for a while, Hitler decides to run for office as President. He runs a very successful campaign, utilizing the Media and saying how the Democrats and the Republicans have "been only two sides of the same coin. I am the edge of that coin", playing on the slim chances of success he had. Yet surprisingly, he won the election. He was not only the First Independent in office, he was also the first Catholic, leading to terrorist attacks by the Ku Klux Klan throughout his presidency.


Adolf Hitler immediately set to work dealing with the Depression. His first 100 days ensured that America was the first nation to get out of the depression. Namely, according to Milton Friedman, it was the closure of the Federal Reserve. Another move was the American Infrastructure Act that led to massive works, namely highways and other public works. He appointed Serbian immigrant Nikola Tesla as his science advisor and also had HP Lovecraft as his Secretary of Science. Concerned about the growing threat of Imperial Japan to America's interests in the Pacific, he asked congress for a buildup of the Military as well as a reorganization of the War department into the Defense Department with a Joint Chiefs of Staff. He decided to appoint someone of experience into the position of Secretary of defense, so Smedley got the job as well as there being an independent Air force, as Hitler mused once that "Britain's domain is the sea, Russia's is the land, so therefore America's must be the skies". America also began to be wary of events in Europe, after Italy attacked Ethiopia. Nazi Germany under Josef Kraftman was also causing trouble, so America began the small, but long march to war.

Adolf Hitler further continued military buildups and education reforms, as promised in his re-election mandate "a Contract with America". Concerned about events in Germany and China, Hitler creates the Roosevelt commission to assess American development, which is complete by 1937. Among other things, the Roosevelt commission recommends ending the Immigration act and allowing settlement in the Hawaii and Alaska territories. This leads to a flood in Jewish refugees. By 1939, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico were all granted Statehood, with America having 51 states in total. Then in August, something odd happened. Cuba requested Annexation by the United States as well as Haiti and the Dominican republic. Some European scientists wrote a letter to Hitler about a destructive weapon and how Kraftman intends to use it, so Hitler commissions the Austin Project for the Atomic bomb in 1938. Keeping in line with the Two Term limit, Hitler declined re-election. His election to the presidency ultimately shifted American politics on a completely new paradigm.

Post Presidency


Hitler did a great Job for America, with it defeating Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan by 1944, and leading to the rise of the Independent as a viable candidate in America. His policies also set in motion the rise of the United States as a superpower, which competed with Russia in the Cold War that ended in 1978, with the USSR's collapse. Currently, the United States is the world's only superpower. All in all, Hitler was one of the best Presidents America ever had, especially with its legacy leading to it going across all of North America by 1979.

A list of Presidents since 1932

A list of Presidents since 1932

Adolf Hitler (1933-1941) Independent, TX
Wendell Willkie (1941-1944) Republican, IN
Thomas Dewey (1944-1949) Republican, NY
Adlai Stevenson (1952-1960) Democrat, IL
John F. Kennedy (1960-1963) Independent, MA
Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969) Independent, TX
Richard Nixon (1969-1974) Republican, CA
Gerald Ford (1974-1977) Republican, NK
Ronald Reagan (1977-1985) Independent, CA
Walter Mondale (1985-1989) Democrat, MN
George H. W. Bush (1989-1997) Independent, TX
William J. Clinton (1997-2005) Independent, AR
Mike Huckabee (2005-2009) Republican, AR
Ron Paul (2009-2016) Libertarian, TX

Bernie Sanders (2016-present) Progressive, VT

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