November--- Rod Blagojevich and running mate Chris Dodd are elected in a close race over Bush. He takes 285 electoral votes to Bush's 253.


February--- Against the advice of his generals on the ground, secretary of state, and vice president Blagojevich begins a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Privately he says that they "can f_ing get over it."

March--- It is now two weeks after the first phase of troop removals of 5000 has begun and predictably, there is more bloodshed in Iraq. A poll taken by CNN shows that 45% of people are pleased with how the war is going, down from 65% three months prior.

May--- Blagojevich signs an executive order that modifies the No Child Left Behind laws. He is allowing more alternatives for students with special needs. This would later be seen as one of the lone bright spots in his term.

November--- Another 5,000 troops have been removed from Iraq. Not surprisingly, a bomb goes off in a market in Baghdad a week later that kills several hundred. People in Blagojevich's administration are beginning to doubt that this is the best strategy.


March--- An individual known only as lobbyist #5 comes forward claiming that Blagojevich pressured him in 2005 to give one of his relatives a high-paid consulting job and offered him an ambassador post for doing so.

April--- Tapes are released to the press that show the President cursing and ranting and raving profusely. "I am f__ing golden! I am the f__ing president and I can do what I want if you do what I want done! Give the job to him. I want an answer in a f__ing week!"

May--- The House Judiciary Committee begin debating articles of impeachment.

June-September--- Blagojevich continues to deny any wrongdoing throughout the summer, and the house continues to debate. However, they reach several "impasses" because the Democrats want a "smoking gun" first.

late September--- On September 25th the Senate and Congress get their smoking gun. The relative, a second cousin of President Blagojevich, comes forward in return for immunity. Senator Obama calls on Blagojevich to resign.

October--- The House is scheduled to vote on articles of impeachment on the 10th of this month. Blagojevich refuses to resign.

October 10th--- The house votes to send the impeachment to the Senate. They are scheduled to vote on the 17th.

October 17th--- The Senate votes to accept the articles of impeachment. Blagojevich is removed from office and Vice President Chris Dodd is sworn in as President.

October 18th--- President Dodd names Hillary Clinton his Vice President because he does not want Dennis Hastert to be next in line for the Presidency.

October 25th--- President Dodd begins to privately feel that the troops will need to be redeployed in order to successfully restore order in the Iraqi War. He asks Vice President Clinton, Former Presidents Bush and Father and Clinton for their opinions and they are all in agreement that more troops will be needed.

November 7th--- The United States Mid-Term Elections take place. It is a disaster for the Democrats. The Republicans increase there majority to 400-35. They also now control the Senate 74-26.

November 8th--- In a surprise move Dennis Hastert announces he will not seek reelection as Speaker of the House. Tom Delay is elected to fill the post and John Boehner is elected House Majority Leader.

November 10th--- The Democrat Party collapse and split into two new parties the far left Socialist Party and the Centrist, Blue Dog Democrat Party. In the new Congress the Socialist Party Has 11 seats i the house lead by Nancy Pelosi and 6 seats in the Senate lead by Sheldon Whitehouse. Mike Ross of Arkansas leads the 24 Blue Dogs in the House while fellow Arkansas native Blanche Lincoln Leads the Blue Dogs in the Senate.


January 10th--- The 110th Session of Congress Begins.

January 11th--- President Dodd Announces to a shocked nation that he is resigning immediately due to his recent diagnosis with Prostate Cancer. Both houses pass unanimous resolutions wishing President Dodd the best of health and a speedy recovery. Vice President Hilary Clinton takes office picking former Senator Harry Reid who was defeated in the 2006 mid term elections (By a 85% - 15% Margin) as Vice President.

January 25th--- The Drudge Report release internal White House memo pertaining to a pay to Play scheme for the appointment for the Vice Presidency.

January 26th--- A Gallup Poll show Pres. Clinton's approval rates collapsing from 75% approving to just 5%. Republican Congressional leaders announce they will begin emergency impeachment proceedings aiming to remove both the President & Vice President. Clinton & Reid both denied any wrong doing.

January 27th--- In an interview with CNN former President Dodd says he is disgusted with Clinton and Reid's behavior and calls for them both to resign. Dodd was quoted saying "He (Reid) was an arrogant bastard and I never liked him one bit."

February 10th--- Both Reid and Clinton are found Guilty on all charges and are removed from office Tom DeLay become President with Mitch McConnell from the Senate as Vice President. Both call for healing as the nation is still reeling from the recent events. John Boehner becomes Speaker of The House, Mike Pence becomes House Majority Leader, Jon Kyl becomes Senate Majority Leader and Ted Stevens remains Senate President Pro Tempore.

February- March--- President Delay works with top Generals on a strategy to get Iraq under control. The decide on a troop "Surge" as the best way to go about this. The Socialists and some Blue Dogs oppose this but they simply don't have the numbers to do anything about it. The Bill easily passes both Chambers and is implemented immediately.

April 10th--- President Delay announces He will seek the Republican nomination for the 2008 election. He says he will pick Vice President McConnell if he has the "honor" of receiving his party's nomination. The Pundits believe that President Delay will face little or no opposition in the Republican Primaries.

April 11th--- Rudy Giuliani who had be considering running in the GOP's presidential primary announced he would not seek his party's nomination and instead run for Governor of New York in 2010.

July 4th--- During the 4th of July celebration in New York City, Iranian sponsored Terrorists blow up bombs on the barges that were shooting off fire works and The Empire State Building. Over 3000 people were killed and the Empire State Building was badly damaged. Tom Delay declares war on Iran & Syria. Israel joined the war on America's side.

July Through August--- Syria was quickly crushed and occupied. Iran put up stiff resistance but was inevitably defeated. The United States was also helped by civilian uprisings throughout the country.

August Through October--- Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was captured hiding in a cellar in a village north of Tehran. The Iranian insurgency was easily put down. President Delay's approval rating was at 93%.

November 23rd--- Canada is annexed by the United States upon a request by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Porto Rico and Guam also became US States. The United States now has 64 states.

November 24th--- Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Iran and Iraq all become US territories until the proper infrastructure is in place to grant them statehood. The reason for this was due to the strong American economy and dissatisfaction with their current governments. Syria becomes a Israeli territory.

November 25th--- Morocco and Western Sahara become US Protectorates.

November 26th--- The UN is removed from New York City and is replaced with NATO. All NATO members leave the UN due to Anti-Western and Anti-Semitism feelings from the leaders of the UN.

November 27th--- President Delay holds a press conference to address the United State's recent territorial gains. He promised a new world of peace and prosperity for all. The US annexed Columbia as well that day.

November 29th--- Germany announces that Belgium, Austria, Holland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary have been annexed into Germany.

December 1st--- Germany invades Poland causing many across the world to have deja vu of World War II. However there is little condemnation form the world community. No world war will break out... yet.

December--- Poland collapses and surrenders, most are happy to be part of Germany.


January 6th--- The Iowa Primary takes place with President Delay easily winning the GOP race. Nancy Peloisi wins the Socialist vote and the Blue Dogs vote overwhelmingly for their House leader Mike Ross.

August 5th--- The Socialist Party officially nominates the ticket of Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer.

August 6th--- The Blue Dogs nominate the ticket of Mike Ross and Bud Cramer

August 7th--- The GOP nominates President Delay however Vice President Mitch McConnell will retire at the end of his term to spend more time with his family he is replaced with Mike Pence of Indiana.

August 9th--- France declares war on Germany after a border incident. The United States along with the rest of the world declare neutrality.

August Through September--- France is soundly defeated and surrenders.

September 5th--- The United States annexes the rest of South America. This included the ousting of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

September Through October--- Alliances begin to form amongst the nations of the world. United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Greece, Japan, South Korea and Jordan formed a new "leaner meaner" NATO. Russia, Vietnam, North Korea and many other small countries that end with "stan" form the Moscow Pact.

September 6th--- Cuba's communist government is overthrown and the provisional government request annexation from the United States.

September 12th--- Florida Senator Mel Martinez announces that he will resign his Senate seat and run for Governor of Cuba.

September 14th--- Florida Governor Charlie Crist announces he will fill Mel Martinez's seat with Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio.

September 15th--- President Delay holds a press conference to announce that the new states of Puerto Rico, Guam and the former provinces of Canada will have elections on November 4th to chose their first Senators, Congressman, Governors and vote in the 2008 US Presidential Election.

November 4th---The United States Presidential and Congressional elections result in Republican landslides across the board. President Tom Delay is easily re-elected against the Blue Dogs and Socialists. The Senate now has 120 seats, 95 are held by the GOP, The Blue Dogs controlled 20 and the Socialists had 5. The House of Representatives is increased to 600. The GOP has 430 seats, The Blue Dogs have 101 seats and the Socialist have 69 seats. Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was elected as a Republican Senator from the new state of Alberta. Former Liberal leader Stephan Dion was elected as a Blue Dog from the state of Quebec. Jack Layton former leader of the NDP (The Canadian equivalent to the American Socialist Party) was elected as a Socialist from the state of Ontario. Al Franken was defeated in Minnesota by a wide margin against Republican Norm Coleman. No Republican was defeated in this election. President Delay carried 60 of the 62 states.

Pre war pick

November 21th--- Russia launches an invasion of the Baltic nations and continues on into German occupied Poland. Germany declares war on Russia.

November 24th--- An agreement is made between all powers that they will not use nuclear weapons as they will wipe out humanity.

November 25th--- All NATO countries declare war on Russia. China declares Neutrality.

November 26th--- Congress passes emergency war bills and a stimulus fund to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US so they are safe in the event that China enters the war on the Russian side.

November 27th--- Along the Polish Front, it has broken down into a stalemate. Both sides sustain heavy losses.

December 4th--- The first US troops arrive in Germany and begin to deploy to the Polish Front.

December 5th--- The Russian and the United States Navy's clash near Iceland resulting in heavy losses on the Russian side. Russia loses ten destroyers, one battleship, two aircraft carriers and 12 other vessels. America loses a cruiser and a destroyer.

December 6th--- North Korea invades South Korea, The United States and Japan declare war on North Korea.

December 7th--- China declares war on North Korea.

December 8th--- Russia declares war on China.

December 9th--- The US and China meet and decide that Korea will be united under the South Korean government. China will focus it's forces on keeping North Koreans from escaping and fight Russian forces in Siberia. The US and South Korea will work together to defeat North Korea. The United States, Germany and their fellow NATO allies will fight Russia in Europe.

December 11th--- North Korea is pushed out of South Korea and US, Japanese and Korean forces begin to gather their forces for a joint offensive in the near future. On the European front the bitter stalemate continues and heavy street fighting begins in Warsaw.

December 12th--- NATO forces launch an offensive aimed to crush the North Korean border defenses and eventually the North Korean capital Pyongyang.

December 14th--- North Korean forces are beginning to collapse and it appears that NATO may have victory by Christmas.

December 16th--- Kim Jong Il's son is killed in battle. When the news reaches Kim in his bunker, he suffers a massive stroke and dies. Kim Jong Il never named a successor thus a power struggle begins.

December 17th--- NATO forces continue to make good progress and are about 40 miles from Pyongyang. Kim Jong Il's son declares himself leader but most of North Korea's generals support General Il Sung. A brief Civil War ensues.

December 19th--- The North Korean lines collapse as some soldiers surrender or retreat to fight on one side or the other in the civil war. Few remain at their posts to fight.

December 24th--- The war in North Korea is essentially over with the remnants of the North Korean Government surrendering. There are still a few isolated pockets of resistance but they are easily liquidated.

December 25th--- In a strange turn of events soldiers on both sides of the European front ceased fighting for the day. President Delay was shocked but at the same time happy that the world would have a day without bloodshed.


January 1st--- The NATO coalition begins a massive offensive alone the European front to retake Warsaw and push the Red Army back into Russia.

January 5th--- Warsaw is retaken after a near two month siege.

January 7th--- Panama is officially a US State.

January 8th--- Panama hold elections for their senators and congressman. The chose two Republicans as their Senators and 4 Republicans and 1 Blue Dog as their Congressmen.

January 9th--- NATO forces are within 50 miles of the Russian border.

January 12th--- Elements of the German 8th division cross the border into Russia. Russian President Putin is furious and demands that the General in charge of that sector be shot at once. The order is carried out but to Generals in the Red Army begin to have grave doubts about President Putin's ability to lead.

January 14th--- Most of Siberia is now firmly in Russian hands and the Americans are making good progress in the Caucasus mountain region.

January 16th--- Jamaica is now a State bring the total number of US States to 70. The Jamaicans elects the GOP to fill there two Senate seats and to their three House seats.

January 20th--- The Russians are pushed back to there borders and in some areas beyond by up to 10 miles.

January 21st--- The Leaders of the Socialist and Blue Dogs get together to discuss the possibility of reuniting the Democratic Party. After two losing election cycles and a string of defeats in the recent special elections they feel the best way to continue on is to reunite.

January 22nd--- Mike Ross, Blanche Lincoln, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi hold a joint press conference to announce the formation of the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP). The current composition of the of the House and Senate are as follows: In the Senate the GOP has 99 and the DAP has 25, In the House the GOP has 434 seats and the DAP has 200 seats.

January 23rd--- The European Front and the Asia Front both fall into stalemate.

January 24th--- Putin was assassinated and the interim government began to work on a cease fire with NATO.

January 25th--- The war continued despite Russian attempts at a ceasefire.

January 26th--- A tentative cease fire is reached.

January 27th--- Representatives from both sides met in Stockholm to discuss the terms of ending the war.

February 3rd--- Terms for ending the war have been reached. 1. Russia must hold free and fair elections that will be observed by NATO. 2. Russia must reduce its armed forces. 3. The small territory north of former Poland in Russian possession since World War II is returned to Germany. China will receive parts of Siberia. Other minor details were in the final agreement signed by both sides.

February 4th---What many consider the Third World War ends with a humiliating Russian defeat while reassuring the United States of America's status as a super power while elevating Germany and China as major world powers.

Post war 2

Post War Map

February 5th--- President Delay's approval ratings stand at 98%.

February 6th--- The DAP is criticized for criticizing the war effort. Senator Obama sees US intervention as a "war of choice" but is quickly chastised by Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina accusing him of "rooting for the enemy". The exchange nearly leads to fist fight between the two on the Senate floor.

February 8th--- China renounces their Communist ways after pressure from the United States and Germany. They intend on having free elections in "Due time".

February 10th--- GDP growth for the 4th quarter of 2008 shows a 1% drop confirming peoples fears that a recession was looming. 250,000 jobs were lost as well.

February 11th--- President Delay, Vice President Pence, Senate Majority Leader Jeff Sessions and House Speaker John Boehner hold a press conference to announce plans to make an economic stimulus package to stave off the recession and simplify the tax code.

February 13th--- Despite wide majorities in congress the GOP is having trouble making a bill that a majority of the GOP House and Senate Caucuses. In their last two election wins they had a large base of Conservatives, Libertarians and Liberal Republicans. It was extremely difficult to keep these three groups together. The only thing they agreed on was that they rejected the DAP's ideas.

February 14th--- The GOP and the DAP both disbanded and formed three new parties. The Conservatives which have 80 seats in the Senate and 300 seats in the House. The Libertarian Party which has 19 Senate seats and 105 House Seats. The Liberal Party has 5 Senate seats and 29 in the House. The Moderate party has 20 seats in the Senate and 200 in the House. The Conservatives and Libertarians form a governing coalition to run the House and Senate. President Delay and Vice President Pence both become Conservatives.

February 17th--- The Conservative Libertarian Alliance Party (CLAP) is formed they are the successors to the Republican Party. They also announce that they have a stimulus package that lowers taxes for everyone, it lowers the payroll tax, eliminates the death and the income tax. The Fair Tax will be implemented by 2010. Gun restrictions are relaxed more.

February 19th--- The Stimulus Package passes the House with a decent amount of support from Moderates but no Liberal support.

February 21st--- The Senate passes the Stimulus Package 119-5.

February 25th--- President Delay signs the Stimulus bill into law.

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