Alternative History


Electoral results for the United States presidential election of 2000. Blue denotes those states won by Gore/Lieberman (292 Electoral Votes). Red denotes those states won by Bush/Cheney (246 Electoral Votes).

  • November 2:

In a very close and bitter presidential election Al Gore is elected President of the United States of America. Due to the close result Bush refuses to concede and calls for an immediate recount.

  • November 14:

After weeks of bitter recounts the results stands and Al Gore is declared president-elect.


  • January 20:

At noon Albert Arnold Gore is sworn in as the 43rd President of the United States, succeeding Bill Clinton. In his inaugural address Gore, calls for a greater America in the twenty first century. Early polls show Gore with a 56% approval rating while his predecessor has a 66% approval rating.

  • January-February:

The Senate confirms all of Gore's nominees.

  • February 20:

Exactly one month after Gore taking office, the Republican controlled congress blocks passage of a bill requiring that the United States should enter the Kyoto protocol.

  • March 4:

Before a televised address to the nation, Gore announces tax increases to both speed the growth of the budget surplus and pay for social security over the long term.

  • April 1:

The Hainan Island incident occurs when a U.S. Navy EP-3E signals reconnaissance aircraft and a People's Liberation Army Navy J-8II fighter jet collide over Hainan Island, resulting in an international incident between the United States and China. Gore asks that China forgive the incident and release U.S prisoners. They are later released and returned to the U.S..

  • June 16:

President Gore visits London to meet with European leaders and discuss the challenges facing NATO and the European Union in the twenty first century.

  • August:

A Gallup poll is released showing Gore with a 52% approval rating.

  • September 1:

Gore signs an executive order that commands the removal of U.S troops from Turkey. The move is seen as the first of Gore's attempts to create better relations with Russia.

  • September 11:

Gore addresses the nation announcing that a terrorist plot to destroy the WTC, Pentagon, White House and other potential targets, has been foiled. The operation has lasted most of his administration. The terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden is arrested in London when he is sold out by three of his Lieutenants. America collectively breathes a sigh of relief. Three terrorists escape and succeed in destroying Camp David, however it is empty at the time therefore there are no casualties other than the terrorists and the passengers.

  • September 12:

Operation Hunter is announced by Gore and Congress gives unanimous approval. With the help of the Pakistani and surprisingly, the Afghan "Taliban" governments, bounty hunters, mercenaries, etc, the terrorist network, Al-Qaeda will be dismantled and its leaders will be killed or captured and brought to justice. The President vows that civilian casualties and collateral damage will be minimal.

Osama Bin Laden addresses the world from his prison cell, admits responsibility for 9/11 and is unrepentant. Public opinion is against him and in favour of Gore.

  • October 1:

The vast majority of Al-Qaeda operatives have been captured or killed. Estimates place the number at 1,000 with 200 still unaccounted for. Civilian casualties estimated at 20. Pakistan and Afghanistan unanimously offer their continuing support. Gore announces the Operation nearly complete. USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan relations are observed as being at an all time high.

  • October 30:

President Gore announces Operation Hunter a success. With Al-Qaeda dismantled Afghanistan and Pakistan are declared safe. US soldiers return home and are given a heroes welcome.

  • November 5:

Texas Governor and 2000 Republican Presidential Nominee George W. Bush announces he is running for a Senate seat in Texas in 2002. The former front-runner John Cornyn drops out and endorses Bush.

  • December 1:

US formally petitions the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands to officially prosecute Bin Laden and 27 other high-level Al Qaeda operatives. Dozens more remain in prison without charge. The US offers to repatriate those whom it deems "low-level" operatives, as they were not involved in planning any operations. Public opinion on this is mixed.

  • December 27:

Osama Bin-Ladin is executed by firing squad.