February 2---

Holly and some of the other men in his band, including Ritchie Valens, J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, and others get into a mild disagreement about canceling the next stop on his tour. Buddy Holly's wife had phoned the ballroom where Holly was performing and said that she had serious misgivings about him going on the flight and wanted him to wait a day. To settle the argument, Tommy Allsup, a member of Holly's back up band, pulls a 50 cent-piece out of his pocket and the men all agree to flip for it. Tails, they go on the flight that evening; Heads, they wait until the morning. The coin came up heads. "Oh well," Buddy Holly said. "We probably needed a night off anyway. What with this weather, there's no telling what could have happened."

February 4---

Holly and the rest of his band charter the flight to Fargo and arrive without incident.

March 1---

Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley decide to go on a joint tour together, beginning in the Spring of next year. Record sales for Holly's new single "You're Beautiful, You're Nice, You're Mine" and Elvis' single go through the roof.

March 15---

The Big Bopper and Holly decide to make something almost previously unheard-of to that point: a music video. Investing their own money in the venture because they cannot find a producer willing to take on the risk, they plan to air the video on April 1st.

April 1---

After the airing of the music video, the calls at NBC studios are totally flooded. Even President Eisenhower mentions seeing the video and being impressed.


December 24---

Holly and Elvis' play their final stop on their wildly successful joint tour at Duke University. Elvis leaves for Tennessee right after the concert and Holly and the Big Bopper go to a local bar for drinks. There at the college bar they meet a rather interesting fellow: a young man by the name of Ron Paul.

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