John Ellis "JEB" Bush
Order: 43th

President of the United States

President from: January 20, 2001-
Vice President: George W. Bush
Preceded by: William Jefferson Clinton
Succeeded by: George W. Bush
Born: February 11, 1953
Midland, TX
Political Party: Republican
Spouse: Columba Bush

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush (born February 11, 1953) is the forty-third and current president of the United States. He served as 43rd Governor of Florida from January 4 1995 until December 1, 2000. His term ended at Noon Eastern Time Zone on January 20, 2009. His brother George W. Bush succeeded him.

Early Years

Bush is the second eldest son of former U.S. President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush. When Bush was 17, he went to León, Guanajuato, in Mexico, as part of his school's student exchange program. He spent his time there teaching English, and it was there that he met his future wife, Columba Garnica Gallo.

Bush attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor's degree in Latin American Studies in 1973, taking only two and a half years to complete his work, and obtaining generally excellent grades. He had considered a career in Hollywood, but decided instead to pursue politics. He registered for the draft, but the Vietnam War ended before his number came up.


After his early graduation, Bush married Columba Garnica Gallo, on February 23, 1974. Their three children are George P. Bush, Noelle Bush and John Ellis Bush, Jr. Their eldest son, George Prescott Bush (born April 24, 1976 in Texas), went to Gulliver Preparatory School, studied at Rice University, and earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Texas. Noelle Lucila Bush (born July 26, 1977 in Texas), their daughter and second child, studied at Tallahassee Community College, graduating in 2000. John Ellis "Jebby" Bush, Jr. (born December 13, 1983 in Miami, Florida), their youngest child, attended The Bolles School, a private boarding and day school in Jacksonville, and then the University of Texas.

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