Alternative History

President King is an alternate history scenario that asks the question, "What if Martin Luther King, Jr. Became President of the United States of America?"




President Lyndon Johnson decides not to continue in the Presidential race because of a poor showing in the primaries. Hubert Humphrey immediately enters the primaries.


In a bold (and some say politically suicidal) move, Humphrey asks for and adds Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King as his running mate.


At the DNC, Humphrey and King are nominated as the candidates for the election. The RNC nominates Nixon and Agnew as in OTL.

November- Humphrey/King win in a landslide election against the Nixon/Agnew ticket.

January- Hubert Humphrey and Martin Luther King, Jr. are both inaugurated as President & Vice President of the United States of America.

March- 34th U.S. President & Five-Star General Dwight D. Eisenhower dies on the 28th March in Washington D.C.

April- President Humphrey announces that a slow but gradual removal of troops from Vietnam. He claims that 60% of the current troops will be brought back home by 1974

November- After a airplane crashes into the Oval Office and destroying 10% of the White House, President Humphrey resigns and successfully becomes Governor of Minnesota. MLK becomes the 38th president of the USA.

Developer Resources[]

This section is for information meant to assist in the development of this timeline.

MLK's Political Allies/Supportive contacts (a list)[]

  • Hubert Humphrey (Democrat, Supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Received a brief letter from MLK congratulating him for this support)

Senators, Governors, Representatives, etc that supported civil rights at this time.[]

  • George W. Romney (Republican, Civil Rights Activist, Mormon, 43rd Governor of Michigan, ran against Nixon in the Republican Primary of 1968 but withdrew when question regarding if he was a native born citizen of the United States emerged as he was born to American parents who lived in a Mormon colony in Mexico)