Alternative History

The following is an alternative history timeline in which Rush Limbaugh is elected president in 2008.

WARNING---Independents and liberals may be offended by the following, as it includes large amounts of conservative thought. Reader discretion is advised.



Rush Limbaugh announces that he will run for president if he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. In response, several Limbaugh supporters work to secure his winning the award.

October 12

The Nobel committee announces that it will be awarding a joint award to Al Gore "for his tireless work to educate the global community on climate change", and to Rush Limbaugh "for his many years of effort and success at educating the young people of America on the very important political, economic, and cultural issues of the last 25 years."

October 13-November 3

The Limbaugh/Gore peace prize is the main story on most of the news networks for several weeks, and Rush gets most of the attention as he was not expected to win.

Rush announces on October 15, that he is considering entering the Republican presidential primaries and is starting a new website In less than 48 hours, the site has received over 60 million hits and sets a record for such a short period of time, this results in even more press attention to a potential Limbaugh for President bid.

October 25

Rasmussen releases a poll showing that Rush is polling at 21% just behind Rudy Giuliani's 23%. This fires up Limbaugh supporters and his website raises five million dollars in less than two days.

November 5

Rush Limbaugh announces his bid for the presidency at his home studio in Palm Beach, Florida. In his announcement, Limbaugh states that he will not participate in any of the "game show" debates that had been held before and would invite his opponents to debate him one-on-one in 'serious' debates.

November 12

Limbaugh holds his first 'serious' debate on his radio show with Rudy Giuliani in New York City.

November 19

Limbaugh debates Fred Thompson on the air in Dallas, Texas.

November 23

Limbaugh debates Mike Huckabee on his radio show in Washington, D.C.

November 26

Limbaugh debates Mitt Romney on the air in Philadelphia.

November 28

While the other candidates for the 2008 Republican nomination attend the CNN/YouTube debate, Rush skips the debate on the grounds that quote "It is not the proper forum to discuss serious issues". Limbaugh instead goes on Larry King and gets much more attention than any of the others candidates.

November 29

Limbaugh and Ron Paul engage in a very heated debate on Limbaugh's show in Palm Beach.

December 3

Rush hosts Duncan Hunter on his show in San Diego.

December 6

Limbaugh and Alan Keyes debate on the air in Chicago.

December 7

A Rasmussen poll shows Limbaugh tied with Mike Huckabee for the lead in the republican field with 20% each.

December 12

Rush joins with fellow republicans in a debate in Johnston, Iowa. Limbaugh gets the most press from the event after a confrontation with debate moderator Carolyn Washburn.

December 20

Tom Tancredo withdraws from the presidential race and endorses Limbaugh.

December 21

Alan Keyes and Duncan Hunter announce that they are dropping out of the race and are endorsing Limbaugh.

December 22

Rush makes a very popular Christmas commercial which receives over a million hits on YouTube by New Years Eve.

December 27

Gallup announces a new poll which shows that Huckabee and Limbaugh are tied at 29% in Iowa with Romney at 15%.


January 1

Campaign financial statements show that Limbaugh has raised over 40 million dollars from nearly a million people.

January 3

Huckabee wins Iowa but by a narrow margin with Limbaugh right behind. Fred Thompson withdraws from the race after a bad showing in Iowa.

John Edwards wins the Democrat Iowa caucuses.

January 6

Howard Dean pulls an upset over Hillary Clinton and wins New Hampshire.

January 15

Limbaugh beats McCain and Romney in Michigan.

Dean wins Michigan over Clinton.

January 19

Huckabee wins South Carolina, Romney drops out of the race.

John Edwards wins the South Carolina Democrat primary.

January 29

Limbaugh wins the Florida primary and Giuliani drops out of the race and endorses Limbaugh.

Clinton wins her first big win in Florida.

February 5

Limbaugh wins California, New York, Illinois, and many others. McCain drops out and endorses Huckabee. Limbaugh and Huckabee are now the only serious candidates remaining.

February 9

Huckabee wins Kansas, Louisiana and Washington.

February 12

Limbaugh wins Maryland and Huckabee wins Virginia.

February 19

Huckabee wins Wisconsin.

February 23

Ron Paul withdraws from the race, this gives Limbaugh a boost in several key states.

March 4

Limbaugh wins Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont. Huckabee withdraws from the race and endorses Limbaugh.

April 22

Hillary Clinton wins the Pennsylvania primary.

May 3

Limbaugh announces Ann Coulter as his running mate.

May 6

John Edwards wins his home state of North Carolina, while Clinton takes Indiana.

May 13

Dean defeats Clinton and Edwards in West Virginia.

May 20

Dean beats Clinton in Oregon.

June 3

Dean wins Montana and Clinton wins South Dakota.

June 6-13

Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and several fellow conservatives travel to visit thr troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East and Europe.

July 4

In a nationally televised address entitled 'For Such a Time as This' Limbaugh outlines his vision for America. The speech is watched by over 50 million people worldwide and gets very positive response. Rush's final line 'The best is yet to come' becomes his campaign slogan.

July 4-August 28

Limbaugh and Coulter go on a nation-wide tour of town-hall meetings to explain their views to as many Americans as possible.

August 10

John Edwards admits to having an affair and withdraws from the race but does not release his delegates.

August 25

A Gallup poll shows Limbaugh trailing Hillary Clinton by 7%, leading John Edwards by 2%, and trailing Dean by 4%. This is a strong improvement from two months before win he was behind by 15 points or more.

August 25-30

The Democratic Convention in Denver becomes a free for all as Clinton Dean, and Barack Obama (Edwards' choice to take his delegates) vie for the nomination over five ballots. Dean finally wins after gaining the support of Obama in exchange for the VP spot.

September 1-4

In contrast to the deeply divided Democrat convention, the Republican nominate the Limbaugh/Coulter ticket by voice vote and adopt a very conservative platform. In his acceptance speech, Rush challenges Dean to ten debates around the country. Dean accepts the next day.

September 15-November 2

Limbaugh and Dean engage in ten town hall and two traditional style debates, while Ann Coulter and Barack Obama meet in two vice-presidential debates. In most of the debates Limbaugh beats Dean and Coulter beats Obama hands down.

September 27

Limbaugh announces in a nationally televised address that he and the conservative members of Congress will not support the TARP bill and this effectively kills the bailout bill.

November 2

Limbaugh and Dean meet in a final debate in Palm Beach, Florida. Limbaugh hands Dean his head on a platter, before the debate RCP had Dean up 1%, after RCP showed Limbaugh up 5%.

November 4

Limbaugh defeats Dean by a comfortable margin while Republicans regain control of the Congress. Among the most unexpected races, is the defeat of long-time West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller by Republican Hiram Lewis, the totals are so close (3,597 votes) only after two mouths of Democrat attempts to steal the election, Lewis is confirmed by a margin of 549 votes.

November 15

President-elect Limbaugh announces an aggressive conservative agenda which he calls the "The Right Deal".


President-elect Limbaugh chooses the key members of his administration and also announces that he will continue his radio program from the White House on a weekly basis.


January 20

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is sworn-in as the 44th President of the United States.

January 21

President Limbaugh revokes Executive Order 11905 which outlawed the political assassination.

January 22

President Limbaugh announces that ANWR and other government lands will be opened to oil drilling.

January 23

President Limbaugh and Defense Secretary Fred Thompson hold a joint press-conference at the White House and announce that the U.S. will deploy the Strategic Missile Defense Shield to Israel, Ukraine, South Korea, and Iraq. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says that the president in saber-rattling.

January 29

President Limbaugh sends his 'Right Deal' plan to Congress which includes a Fair Tax plan.