December 1, 1947

Kathleen Maddox, who has been trying for over six months to find a foster home for her son Charles Manson, is finally successful in locating one: Manson will live with the Rev. and Mrs. Scott Jenkins, who are Methodist ministers in Cleveland, Ohio. They are also active in the Republican party.

January 1, 1948

Charles Manson is officially placed in the foster home of Rev. and Mrs. Scott Jenkins. He joins their two biological children and one adopted child.

January 5, 1948

Manson steals a car and tries to reunite with his mother. He is arrested in Illinois.

January 10, 1948

Manson is reunited, against his will, with the Jenkins. Eventually, he would learn restraint.

January 21, 1948

In a rare moment of calm, Manson asks his adopted mother what she is doing when she has her eyes closed. He thinks she is sleeping. No, she replies, she is praying.....for him.

July 1 1952

Charles Manson, with his family's blessing, enlists in the US Marines.

March 8 1957

Manson meets a woman at a military base in Japan named Yoko Asuna. He marries her after 4 years together.

May 12 1965

Charles Manson nearly dies saving his superior officer's life in Da Nang from a Vietcong ambush. For this, Manson would be promoted to Lieutenant.

Tet, 1968

Lieutenant Manson successfully leads a us military attack on a vietcong holdout in Saigon. The attack leads to him being promoted to captain as well as receiving the Medal of Honor

August 8 1969

Manson is honorably discharged at the rank of Captain. He meets with Bob Dylan and begins to play the guitar, hoping it will help him in post-military life.

March 6 1970

Yoko Asuna dies in a plane crash.

August 1 1971

Manson and Bob Dylan write a protest song called "Fighting for What?...Nothing!" When interviewed about the song later, he says that "even as a former military man, this war is disgusting to me and needless and I feel it is just as patriotic to avoid unnecessary war as war can be."

August 9 1974

Manson and Dylan write a song about the Watergate scandal called "Hail to the Crook", and it become a smash hit. This gets Manson into politics.

May 3 1975

Manson considers running for Senator in Ohio.

June 30, 1975

Charles Manson formally announces his attention to run for the U.S. Senate Seat in Ohio. Although he has considerable name recognition, he is considered a longshot.

November, 1976

After a bitter primary contest against Howard Metzenbaum, Manson defeats the incumbent, Robert Taft by a moderately large margin. Many credited Manson's strong oratory skills as the reason for the victory.

January, 1977

Charles Manson is sworn in as the next Senator from Ohio. Manson also announces that he is engaged to be married to Cindy Lou Hensley, a teacher from Phoenix whose father owns a large beer distributorship.

February 1, 1977

Although it causes some friction with his father because of Cindy's father's business, he agrees to marry Charles and Cindy. They are married on this day. Charles' 2 sons warmly welcome their new stepmother.

March 1, 1977

Manson introduces legislation that makes it an automatic felony to own a handgun without a license to do so.

April 25, 1977

Manson is nearly killed from a gun rights radical's bullet.

May 20, 1977

Manson introduces legislation to increase recycling plants in Ohio by at least 25% in the next five years. Although the price tag of the proposed bill is expensive, it will eventually pass. Manson is quoted as saying that "today is a great day for my waters, streams, mountains, trees, and wildlife."

January 1, 1979

During a new year's day luncheon at the White House, Vice President Walter Mondale is nearly shot by a radical's bullet himself. (POD #2)

January 8, 1979

Greatly disturbed by the events of last week, Mondale announces that he will not seek to be Vice President in the next election.

April 7 1993

Puerto Rico votes to become the 51st state.

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