July 7 1893: Mao-Jen-Sheng, interested in becoming more prosperous, emigrates with his wife to the USA.


July 10 1893: Mao-Jen-Sheng arrives in Los Angeles, California after a three day journey. He buys a small apartment in the Diamond Bar and establishes a fruit market. It is relatively successful in the local area, which proves to be enough to hold on to the business.

Boxing day 1893: Mao Zedong is born. His mother dies giving birth to him. His father would look after Mao well.

February 16 1897: Mao joins his father in his first New Year sale. Business is booming, so Mao's father hires a new employee.


September 1 1900: Mao begins his first day at the local Elementary school in LA. He shows particular skills in English, Religion, and Sports, alongside beginning to show more signs of becoming a Methodist after long discussions with the local minister.

March 20 1909: Mao makes his father proud by helping his football team win the state championship.


June 30 1912: Mao enlists in the US Marines with the support of his father. He would write to his father once every week. He also changes his name to George Washington Mao.

December 23 1913: Jen-sheng (who by now is a very successful businessman), along with his son and other businessmen in the Diamond province of LA, write a letter in the LA times arguing against the Federal Reserve Act.

June 5 1914: Zedong is promoted to Sergeant after saving his commanding officer's life in the Philippines from insurgents, as well as capturing 3 of them. In response to his CO saying how he could be a Sergeant in such a quick time, Zedong said "weirder things have happened"

July 28 1915: Zedong, along with 329 other Marines, are sent to Haiti under Smedley D Butler. He would be promoted to Lieutenant after he successfully negotiated an end to a hostage crisis in Port-Au-Prince.

April 6 1917: The United States declares war on Germany. Zedong is transferred immediately to the front lines in France. During his time in Europe Mao will win the Medal of Honor along with many other decorations.

Ferbuary 1 1919: Mao is honorably discharged from the USMC after almost 7 years of exemplary service.

March 6 1919: Mao begins to become interested in politics and contemplates a run for the US Senate. This decision would change his life forever. He begins studying politics in the University of California, Los Angeles. While at university, he meets a woman called Catherine Yoon-Phu, a woman of Irish and Chinese descent, whom he would later marry.


June 1922: Mao is by now running for US Representative on a Democrat platform, and he is well known for his charisma. When he is told that "only whites can run for office" by a heckler, Mao simply replied, to the crowd, "do any of you recall anything in the Declaration of Independence that said "all white men are created equal?"

November 1922: Mao is elected to Congress from California as a Democrat.

November 1924 : Mao gets re-elected for his second term.

November 1926: Mao wins the Democrat primary for U.S. Senate over John D. Elliot and will go on to defeat incumbent Senator Sam Shortridge by just 1,100 votes.

October 1929: The stock markets panic. The Smoot-Hawley tariff act is being debated, and during this debate, Senator Zedong launched a Filibuster lasting 6 hours, which was only stopped by the President of the Senate. The bill doesn't make it past the Senate.


June 5 1932: Mao Zedong defeats FDR, but loses to Hoover by a slim margin, playing on the people's fears about a Chinese president.

November 4 1936: Mao Zedong, with his running mate FDR, is confirmed as US President in a strong victory over Alf Landon.

January 29 1937: President Mao asks the senate in his State of the Union to help modernize the US military should Japan attack the Philippines. They agree to it. In his State of the Union, he also publicly asked the Senate to allow the Jews fleeing Nazi Germany to come to America. The Senate reluctantly agree to this and refugee camps across the East Coast are set up, and the Jews mainly settle in Montana, North and South Dakota and Idaho (which is the main reason why they are staunchly democrat states). War Plan Orange is readied. The USA begins an atomic bomb project on the recommendaton of Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi and Edward Teller.

July 7 1937: Japan invades China. President Mao gets a Democrat controlled congress to give Japan an ultimatum: withdraw from China in 1 week, or the USA will side with China.

July 8 1937: The Japanese, in response to the ultimatum, launches a sneak assault on the Philippines. The USA declare war on Japan, thus The Pacific War begins.

August 7 1937: The Japanese navy suffer a blow when the US Pacific fleet defeats it in the Philippine Sea. Yamamoto was also killed by a US torpedo bomber, thus making the defeat worse. Back in America, there are some protests, which are silenced when rumours of atrocities seep out of Japanese China.

December 13 1937: The Nanjing massacre occurs. Macarthur make landings at Siam to secure the Pacific rim.

September 30 1938: The Sudetenland is annexed by Hitler. Many Jews head to America, fleeing the inevitable storm.

September 3 1939: Hitler declares war on France, Britain and Poland. Because he knows Japan is done for, he focuses on Europe.

October 6 1939: The M4 tank enters service. It is used to great effect in China and Siam. Patton tells Mao that "we are currently on a Long March to Korea, and at this rate, Manchuria will be liberated by February 1940" Mao gives MacArthur and Patton more equipment and promotes them to General of the Army


Januray 6 1940: Admiral Nimitz squashes the Japanese at Saipan.

March 5 1940: The Atomic bomb is completed in Alaska. Mao writes about it in his famous poem "let a thousand suns rise!", while preparing a speech to congress.

March 17 1940: The first nuclear bomb is used on Osaka. The entire city is reduced to rubble. Japan surrenders shortly afterwards, and The Pacific War is over. Mao and Chiang Kai-Shek meet in Peking to discuss the Marshall plan. In his victory speech at San Francisco, Mao expresses his concerns "that although the clouds of war have lifted in Asia, there seems to be a storm brewing in Europe, and I fear that it will come to North America".

November 4, 1940: Peking Declaration gets signed, Korea gets liberated and the Provisional Government of ROK now becomes official.

March 19 1940: Mao's father dies.

October 23 1940: Operation Sealion, the invasion of Britain fails do to lack of air supremacy.

November 4 1940: Mao/Smith win a landslide against Dewey/Taft in the elections. Charles Lindbergh successfully runs for the Senate seat in Minnesota as a Farmer-Labor-Democrat.

May 1941: The Me262 Schwalbe enters service.

June 6 1941: Operation Barbarossa, or Case Silver, takes place. Thousands of tanks and millions of Romanian, German, Hungarian and Italian Soldiers cross the Vistula river in a massive attack on the Soviet Union. Hitler, feels more confident than in OTL and has thus given his generals more leeway.

October 8 1942: Moscow has fallen, and the Nazis march to the Caucasus. Stalin orders the soldiers to retreat, and massive Evacuations to beyond the Urals take place.

December 5 1942: Stalin surrenders and the Nazis annex everything West of the Urals. Millions of Russian refugees flee to America, with Mao offering them save haven in Alaska, New Mexico (nicknamed Novaya Rossiskaya in the press) and the West Coast One Russian settlement in Oregon is called Novaya Arkangelsk.

5 January 1943: Mao keeps in line with the two-term limit and says he won't run for a third term.

10 January 1943: Germany tests an Atomic Bomb in occupied north Russia.

11 January 1943: Canada, Britain, America, Mexico and Cuba sign the NATO treaty, which is a mutual protection pact. Nicaragua later joins - as well as Panama.

November 4 1944: Douglas MacArthur defeats Franklin Roosevelt in the president election.

1946: Argentina signs the Anti-Comintern Pact.

November 2 1948: MacArthur/Barkley wins re-election against Dewey/Warren.


7 October 1952: Vladimir Putin is born in Novaya Arkangelsk, Oregon

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