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Mitt Romney delivering his victory speech in the early hours of November 7th

On November 6th 2012 Barack Obama was defeated in his bid for a second term as president in one of the closest elections in US history. Mitt Romney became the 45th President of the United States, gaining 281 electoral votes compared to 257 for Barack Obama. Romney also won the popular vote, 49.5% compared to 49.4% for Obama.

In his speech Romney announced his victory would mark "a change in direction for America" and that "we've made a lot of pledges in this campaign, and we're going to keep them all".

Meanwhile President Obama conceded defeat, saying that "We have achieved the change, there is now hope. I've congratulated Governor Romney on his victory, and I wish him the best".

Following his victory Romney received phone calls from Prime Minister Netanyahu, Prime Minister Harper, Prime Minister Cameron and many other world leaders.

The Democrats retained control of the Senate, and the Republicans increased their dominance of the House.

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