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Marshall Mathers, The 44th President of the United States (2009-2017)

Point of Divergence

President Bush beats Democratic challenger Massachusetts Senator John Kerry just like in our timeline, however the 2004 Election is initially called for Kerry when a much tighter race in Ohio is called for Kerry. Bush concedes the race to Kerry and Kerry gives his victory speech moments later. However Bush lawyers push for a recount. The Supreme Court rules 5-4 to have a full statewide recount in Ohio. When the recount comes back, it is found Bush won by less than 50 votes. However many believe strings were pulled to give Bush the victory by his side. This and the fact Kerry also won the popular vote create the slogan "Not My President". With the stock market crashing much earlier than in our timeline creates a lot of opposition from celebrities, who tended to lean left and have strong opposition to President Bush.

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