Logo This alternate history related article is a stub. Please add suggestions on the talk page.Quentin Tarantino (1963) is the newly elected 44th president of the United States of America and before entering politics in 1993, a motion picture director, but after his first film, Reservoir Dogs flopped at the box office,Tarantino felt discouraged and was persuaded by friends to enter politics which he ran for Congressman of California in 1994, and won because of his charismatic look about him and in the recall election in 2003 He ran against Republican cansidate Actor Arnold schwarznegger, and won for governor and passed several laws that reformed the state government . He then used his skills to support John Kerry for his presidental candidancy but lost to George W. Bush. Then he directed the KIll Bill Films which were successful while still governor, and in 2007, he announced his run for the democratic nomination for president, which he went against Hilary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois but beat both and Obama became his vice presidental candidate

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