Alternative History
US flag with 52 stars by Hellerick

After calls to run for President from citizens in his homestate of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura decides to run for President in 2000 and is victorious. The next 8 years are dominated by new Independent ideas in the United States. With the election of Ventura in both 2000 and '04 Independents no longer feel left out and that they have lower chances of winning elections. Nonetheless in 2008 Ron Paul, a Republican, wins the Presidency defeating Independent Nader, Democrat Obama and Libertarian Barr. This ATL focuses almost entirely on the United States.

Differences from OTL[]

History from the beginning of time to 2000 is the same as the OTL, however with the capture of 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers in 2001 most of the 2000s are dominated by peace. Among other things these are different from the OTL...

  • With the Electoral College being abolished in 2002 all Presidential Elections from 2004 on are decided by popular vote
  • NASA, with much more funding, advances greatly from 2001-2009 and launches project constellation in 2007
  • Most nations have good relations with the United States
  • Saddam Hussein remains in power until his death in 2009
  • With no Middle Eastern wars the late 2000s recession is much lesser in the United States
  • Al Qaeda never became a major terrorist organization as their largest attack fails and Osama Bin Laden is captured in 2006

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