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The President of the Commonwealth of Britain is the Head of State and Head of Government for the Commonwealth of Britain. A political office, the President is in theory the most powerful person in the country. The President governs with the consent of Parliament, though he or she is directly elected.

The Presidency dates from the mid-19th century. Prior to this period, the country had been governed by a series of officers with the title "Head of State", who were usually chosen by Parliament. In 1834 the Reform Act created the Presidency and established the system of government Britain enjoys today. For a list of Heads of State from 1649 until 1834, see List of British Republican Heads of State

The British President is commander-in-chief of the British Defence Force. The President may propose legislation to Parliament and must sign all bills into law. As leader of the government, the President appoints all Secretaries of State, chairs meetings of the Council of State and represents the country internationally.

The President is directly elected by the people for a five-year term. The President is welcome to run for re-election any time he or she chooses. When the President resigns or dies and the Presidency falls vacant, the Speaker of Parliament assumes the powers of the Presidency and a new election is held within six months.

List of British Presidents

This is a provisional list and subject to change

Name Took Office Left Office Party
William Lamb 1834 1844 Whig
John Russell 1844 1849 Whig
Edward Smith-Stanley 1849 1864 Conservative
Benjamin Disraeli 1864 1869 Conservative
William Gladstone 1869 1874 Liberal
Benjamin Disraeli 1874 1879 Conservative
William Gladstone 1879 1884 Liberal
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil 1884 1899 Conservative
Charles Ritchie 1899 1906 Conservative
William Gully (Caretaker) 1906 1906 Liberal
Herbert Asquith 1906 1916 Liberal
Stanley Baldwin 1916 1921 Conservative
David Lloyd George 1921 1931 Liberal
Winston Churchill 1931 1946 Conservative
Clement Attlee 1946 1951 Liberal
Anthony Eden 1951 1961 Conservative
Harold Macmillan 1961 1966 Conservative
Harold Wilson 1966 1981 Liberal
Margaret Thatcher 1981 1996 Conservative
Kenneth Clarke 1996 2001 Conservative
Tony Blair 2001 2006 Liberal
William Hague 2006 Incumbent Conservative

British Presidential election, 2001
British Presidential election, 2006