President of the
Commonwealth of California
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Flag of the President
Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden.jpg
Joe Biden

since 20 January 2019
Style His Excellency the Honourable (formal)
Mr. President (spoken)
Member of Federal Council
Residence White House
Appointer Federal Convention
Term length 6 years
Not renewable
Inaugural holder Ted Kennedy
Formation 23 July 2000
20 years ago
Salary $425,000 annually

The President of the Commonwealth of California is the head of state of California. The President is elected by the Federal Convention, a meeting of all members of the federal and state Parliaments, to a single six-year term. The President presides over the Federal Council and is commander-in-chief of the Californian Defence Force. The functions of the President include appointing ministers, judges, and ambassadors; giving presidential assent to legislation passed by Parliament; issuing writs for election; and bestowing Californian honours.

In general, the President observes the conventions of the Westminster system and responsible government, maintaining political neutrality, and has almost always acted only on the advice of the chancellor or other ministers or, in certain cases, the Parliament. The President also has a ceremonial role: hosting events at the White House and travelling throughout California to open conferences, attend services and commemorations, and generally provide encouragement to individuals and groups who are contributing to their communities. When travelling abroad, the President is seen as the representative of California. The President is supported by a staff headed by the White House Chief of Staff.

A President is elected for a term of six years, which is not renewable. Since 20 January 2019, the President has been Joe Biden, the fifth person to serve in this role. Biden's term will last until 2025, when the next Federal Convention will be held to elect his successor.

The 1999 republic referendum approved the proposal to abolish the Californian monarchy and replace the Governorship General with the presidency. Immediately after the relevant constitutional revisions were made, the incumbent Governor General, Ted Kennedy, became the provisional president, pending the first Federal Convention at the beginning of 2001.

List of Presidents

     Progressive      Democratic      Liberal
# Portrait Name
Prior office Term of Office Political Party Chancellor
Election Took Office Left Office
1 Ted Kennedy.jpg Ted Kennedy
27th Governor General of California 23 July 2000 20 January 2001 Democratic Al Gore
2 Jimmy Carter.jpg Jimmy Carter
(born 1924)
20th Chancellor of California 2001 20 January 2001 20 January 2007 Democratic
George W. Bush
3 Madeleine Jana Körbelová (MGS).jpg Madeleine Albright
(born 1937)
41st Minister for Foreign Affairs 2007 20 January 2007 20 January 2013 Democratic
Barack Obama
4 John Boehner.jpg John Boehner
(born 1949)
30th Speaker of the House of Representatives 2013 20 January 2013 20 January 2019 Liberal
Bernie Sanders
5 Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden.jpg Joe Biden
(born 1942)
32nd Treasurer of California 2019 20 January 2019 Incumbent Democratic
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