Alternative History
President of the
United Cygnian States
Flag of the President of Cygnia.svg
Flag of the President of Cygnia
Carmen Lawrence, June 2013.png
Carmen Lawrence

since 25 January 2020
Federal Executive Council
Style His/Her Excellency the Honourable (formal)
Mister/Madam President (spoken)
Member of Federal Executive Council
Residence Mandurah Palace
Nominator Joint sitting of Congress and state parliaments
Appointer Direct popular vote
Term length 8 years
not renewable
Inaugural holder William McKell
Formation 1 January 1949
73 years ago
Deputy Vice President of the Federal Executive Council
Salary £495,000 annually

The President of the United Cygnian States, also known as the President of the Union (POTU), is the head of state of Cygnia. The Constitution establishes the country as a federal parliamentary constitutional republic, with the President formally leading the executive branch of the Cygnian federal government and the Cygnian Armed Forces. The President chairs the Federal Executive Council, and is empowered to appoint ministers, judges and ambassadors. They also grant presidential assent to legislation passed by Congress, issue writs for election, and also bestow honours.

Under Article Two of the Constitution, the President is elected for a single term of eight years through a direct popular vote. Three candidates for the presidency are nominated each election cycle by a joint sitting of the federal and state legislatures. Generally speaking, the President follows the traditions and conventions of the Westminster system, maintaining political neutrality. The President almost always acts on the advice of the Chancellor or other ministers, or, in certain cases, Congress. The President also serves in a number of ceremonial capacities, and is seen as the representative of the Cygnian nation.

The President is commonly seen to be the embodiment of the nation's "social conscience and moral compass", and is able to comment on and campaign for the address of non-partisan issues such as indigenous affairs, education, health and human rights, among others, without much controversy. When considering presidential assent of legislation, the President may not withhold assent (that is, veto the bill), but may review and seek clarification from Congress. The President also issues a "State of the Union" address at each State Opening of Congress to relay to Members of Congress the priorities and expectations of Cygnians in relation to the non-partisan issues, and help improve the quality and consistency of policy reforms, parliamentary debates and community outcomes over the lifetime of different governments.

There have been 11 Presidents since the office was established in 1948. The current President is Carmen Lawrence, an academic and former Premier of Carolina, who was elected in 2019 and took office on 25 January 2020.

List of Presidents

# Portrait Name
Term of office Previous position Political party Chancellor
Election Term start Term end
1 Williammckell.jpg William McKell
1948 29 January 1949 26 January 1957 2nd Secretary-General of the Council of the Federation (1948–1949) Labour Portrait Menzies 1941.jpg
Robert Menzies
2 Richard Casey 1965.jpg Richard Casey
1956 26 January 1957 30 January 1965 Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (1951–1960) National
3 Paulhasluck.jpg Paul Hasluck
1964 30 January 1965 27 January 1973 Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (1964–1965) National
Harold Holt 1965 01.jpg
Harold Holt
Sir John McEwen.jpg
John McEwen
John Gorton Crop.png
John Gorton
William McMahon 1966.jpg
William McMahon
Gough Whitlam PM.jpg
Gough Whitlam
4 John Kerr 1965.jpg John Kerr
1972 27 January 1973 16 March 1977 Chief Justice of New Albion (1972–1974) Independent
Malcolm Fraser 1974.jpg
Malcolm Fraser
Presidium 16 March 1977 28 January 1978
5 Zelman Cowen.jpg Zelman Cowen
1977 28 January 1978 25 January 1986 Vice-Chancellor of the University of New Zealand (1970–1977) Independent
Bob Hawke Portrait 1983.jpg
Bob Hawke
6 Sir Ninian Stephen.jpg Ninian Stephen
1985 25 January 1986 29 January 1994 Justice of the Supreme Court of Cygnia (1972–1982) Independent
Paul Keating 1996 Debate.jpg
Paul Keating
7 Bill Hayden on 29.5.1990.jpg Bill Hayden
(born 1933)
1993 29 January 1994 26 January 2002 Leader of the Opposition (1977–1983) Labour
John Howard
8 Dr Peter Hollingworth.jpg Peter Hollingworth
(born 1935)
2001 26 January 2002 29 May 2003 Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane (1989–2001) Independent
Presidium 29 May 2003 24 January 2004
9 Jeffery Michael 030238DI-002.jpg Michael Jeffery
2003 24 January 2004 28 January 2012 Governor of Gibson Independent
Kevin Rudd official portrait.jpg
Kevin Rudd
10 Quentin Bryce No.1 (cropped).jpg Quentin Bryce
(born 1942)
2011 28 January 2012 25 January 2020 Governor of New Zealand (2003–2009) Independent
Julia Gillard official photo.jpg
Julia Gillard
Tony Abbott - 2010 crop.jpg
Tony Abbott
Malcolm Turnbull at the Pentagon 2016 cropped.jpg
Malcolm Turnbull
Julia Gillard 2015.jpg
Julia Gillard
11 Carmen Lawrence, June 2013.png Carmen Lawrence
(born 1948)
2019 25 January 2020 Incumbent Director of the Centre for the Study of Social Change, University of Carolina School of Psychological Science (2010–2018) Labour
Anthony Albanese.jpg
Anthony Albanese