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A list of Presidents of Santiago. Presidents serve 5-year terms, and can run for re-election as many times as they wish. To date, José Guerrero is the country's longest-served President, with 4 terms between 1931 and 1951. All of the country's Presidents, with the exception of Miguel Suárez and Guillermo Montemayor, who were both independents, have been members of five political parties, four of which — the People's Party, the Liberal Party, the Green Party and Republican Union — are still active influential in national politics. The National Party was dissolved in 1915.


Presidents who received the Antarctic Tuzelmann Award are marked with an asterisk (*).
Name Picture Took office Left office Political Party Notes
Miguel Suárez*
Suarez 1901 1911 None Born in Chile. Santiago's principal Founding Father. Santiago had no parties at the time of his election; and he abstained from joining any once they were founded.
Esteban Sanchez
EstebanSanchez 1911 1915 National Party Born in Argentina. Formerly General of the Army; oversaw Santiago's involvement in World War I. Removed from power during the Winter Uprising, and shortly fled the country.
Francisco Bodega*
Bodega 1915 1916
Led the Interim Government from October 1915, but was not inaugurated as President until after the 1916 election. Born in Ecuador. Former leader of the Winter Uprising.
1916 1921 People's Party
Juan Schmidt*
Schmidt 1921 1931 Liberal Party Born in Germany. The first non-Hispanic to be President.
José Guerrero*
Guerrero 1931 1951 People's Party First President born in modern Santiagan territory. Longest-serving President, oversaw the Spanish Civil War, WWII and the Bellinsgauzenia War.
Felipe Juárez*
1951 1956 People's Party First President born after the foundation of Santiago.
Benito Zapata
BenitoZapata 1956 1966 Liberal Party First President from the Zapata family.
Pekka Tulenheimo*
Tulenheimo 1966 1969 Republican Union First ethnic Finnish President. Only President to be assassinated.
Jorje Rosadilla
Rosadilla 1969 1971 Republican Union Completed Tulenheimo's term. Did not succeed in re-election.
Rosa Zapata
1971 1981 Liberal Party First woman President. Oversaw the South Pacific War and much of the South Atlantic War. Daughter of Benito Zapata; second President of the Zapata family.
Guillermo Montemayor
Montemayor 1981 1986 None Former General of the Army during the South Pacific War. Oversaw the end of the South Atlantic War. Ran as an independent, but was backed by some members of each major party.
Okha Shinin
1986 1996 Green Party Only Indigenous Antarctic President; only Green Party President. A leader of the Green Revolution in Santiago.
Jefe Zapata
1996 2000 Liberal Party Second President to die in office. Son of Rosa Zapata; third President of the Zapata family.
Rodrigo Zapata
2000 2006 Liberal Party Completed Jefe Zapata's (his brother's) term before beginning his own. Fourth President of the Zapata family.
Juán Cerra
2006 2011 People's Party
Oscar Bernal
2011 Incumbent Republican Union


To date, all of Santiago's Presidents have been white except for Okha Shinin, an AIP of the Kaiws Nation. All but three – Shinin, Juan Schmidt and Pekka Tulenheimo – have been hispanics of at least partial Latin American descent.
With the exception of Rosa Zapata, all of the Presidents have been male.
Most of the country's Presidents have been Roman Catholics. Juan Schmidt, a member of a Reformed church, was the first confirmed non-Catholic, followed by Pekka Tulenheimo, a Lutheran.
Allegations of Atheism have been made against several Presidents, sometimes in the hope of damaging their political careers. Felipe Juárez and Juán Cerra are the only self-described Atheists; while Okha Shinin was never officially enrolled in any religious group.
At 62, Juan Schmidt was the oldest person to assume the Presidency. The oldest ever to hold the office was José Guerrero, at 72, beating Schmidt by only a few weeks.
Pekka Tulenheimo, at 44, was the youngest to assume the Presidency, as well as the youngest to leave office — he was assassinated at age 47.
Santiago's first five Presidents were born before the country's foundation. They were from Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Germany. José Guerrero was born within the borders of modern Santiago 22 years before its foundation, and held Chilean citizenship during his early life.
Of the Presidents born in Santiago, five were from the state of Berkner (José Guerrero, Felipe Juárez, Rosa Zapata, Guillermo Montemayor and Juán Cerra), four were from San Martín (Benito Zapata, Jorje Rosadilla, Jefe Zapata and Rodrigo Zapata), one was from the Islas Meridionales (Pekka Tulenheimo), one was from Esparcidia (Oscar Bernal), and one was from Kaiws (Okha Shinin).
Three military commanders have assumed the Presidency – Esteban Sanchez, Francisco Bodega and Guillermo Montemayor.
Four businessmen: Miguel Suárez (fishery), Juan Schmidt (clockmaker), Jorje Rosadilla (textile industry), Oscar Bernal (retail).
Rosa and Rodrigo Zapata were both journalists.
José Guerrero was a dockworker and union official; Felipe Juárez was a rancher; Benito Zapata was a lawyer; Pekka Tulenheimo was a diplomat; Okha Shinin was a botanist; Jefe Zapata was a lifelong career politician; and Juán Cerra was a doctor.
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