The President of the Confederate States is the head of state and the head of government of the Confederate States. The president is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate States armed forces. The president is indirectly elected by an Electoral College and limited to a single seven-year term. No one who has held the post is allowed to run or serve as the President of the Confederate States again.

List of Presidents of the Confederate States

No. President Took office Left office Party Vice President
1 Robert Barnwell Rhett, Sr Robert Rhett
February 9, 1861 February 1, 1867 No party Alexander H. Stephens
2 Jefferson Davis Jefferson Davis
February 1, 1867 January 12, 1874 No party John H. Reagan
3 Governor Simon B Buckner Simon B. Buckner
January 12, 1874 February 1, 1888 No party James Longstreet
4 6005872 129109879747 Frederick W. M. Holliday
February 1, 1888 February 1, 1895 Conservative Augustus H. Garland
5 William Bate William B. Bate
February 1, 1895 February 1, 1902 Whig Fitzhugh Lee
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