Alternative History
Two Term Carter
Jimmy Carter chooses a different running mate and defeats Reagan in 1980.
A Progressive America
A rich scientist successfully wins the 1912 presidential elections.
Andrew Jackson Assassinated
Andrew Jackson is assassinated in 1835, starting the Civil War 30 years early.
An Independent in 2000
A billionaire of the dot com boom successfully upstages Al Gore and George W. Bush for the Presidency in the 2000 election, wining a plurality and changing the course of the New Millennium...
Bicentennial Divergence
Ronald Reagan wins the 1976 Republican Nomination for President, with huge changes ensuing.
Clinton 2000
The 22nd Amendment never becomes law and Bill Clinton runs for a third term.
Cross of Gold
William Jennings Bryan wins the election of 1896, and as President tries to change the morals of a nation.
Country Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy wins the 1952 and a long line of Kennedys follow him.
Democratic Century
Harry Truman remains extremely popular and is reelected in 1952, starting a long chain of Democratic victories.
Ecological United States
Due to more voters voted Nader than previously expected, It's caused Al Gore becoming president with a price. And that price was eventually downfall to two parties. And replaced by firstly Green Party of United States.

Gore Wins Florida and Becomes President

Theresa LePore, the head of elections in Palm Beach County, never creates the "butterfly ballot," which in our timeline, cost Gore just over 6,000 votes. Gore wins Florida by 0.10%, and becomes President. Timeline goes all the way to the 2020s!

No Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky never interns in the White House and Bill Clinton never faces impeachment.
No Reagan
After bombing a speech at the 1964 Republican National Convention Ronald Reagan decides not to go into politics.
Perot's Victory
An economic crash in the summer of 1992 inspires Ross Perot to not temporarily drop out of the race. During the intense campaign, a scandal brings Bill Clinton down, and the economy takes out Bush. Perot wins the election.
Samuel Adams, President of Massachusetts
"Ah, le fameux Adams?"
President Carl Albert
What if Nixon's successor had also been forced to resign in disgrace?
President Fisher Ames
Bungles the Louisiana Question by forming a Western Confederacy.
President Henry B. Anthony
What if Andrew Johnson was innocent because Ben Wade was guilty of being his successor?
President Blackthorne
San Antonio Millionaire Allen Blackthorne is arrested for assaulting his soon-to-be ex-wife, Sheila in 1986. After receiving a deferred judgment, he gets counseling and changes his life around. After a chance meeting with Newt Gingrich, he considers a career in politics.
President Blagojevich
Rod Blagojevich is elected President in 2004 in a close race over Bush. Discusses how the country is affected his 2006 impeachment and the makeup of the 2008 election.
President Bogart
After Casablanca flops, Humphrey Bogart is disillusioned with acting and considers a career change...
President Boone
Successful land speculation in Kentucky during the 1780s provides the ideal platform for a bid for the White House in 1800.
President Bowie
The political career of Jim Bowie after the relief of the Alamo in which Houston, Travis and Crockett all perish.
President Burr
Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton settle on a gentleman's compromise at Weehawken..
President Churchill
Lord Randolph Churchill, at the urging of his new and very pregnant wife, emigrates to the United States. His son, Winston, is born in New York, NY in 1874.
President Clay
James Birney does not run for president as the Liberty Party candidate in 1844. Without this spoiler candidate, Henry Clay defeats James Polk for the presidency by winning New York.
Clay in 1813
Madison and Gerry both succumb to their serious health problems in the summer of 1813.
President Cobain
Kurt Cobain stays in rehab and eventually beats his drug addiction. In 2000 he enters politics by becoming the Governor of Washington and in 2008 is elected president of the United States.
President Cody
"Buffalo Bill" completes General Miles' mission to negotiate the surrender of Sitting Bull, prevented the tragedy at Wounded Knee and becomes 26th US President.
President Crockett
Can President "Davy" Crockett survive a second and infinitely more deadly war with Mexico?
President Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer becomes a born-again Christian after his father discovers one of his dissected cats. He becomes an ordained minister and later goes into politics.
President Davis
Jefferson Davis against all odds wins the Democratic nomination for president in 1852 and wins the general election subsequently becoming the 14th president of the United States of America. Examines the impact on the civil war,slavery and the Republican and Democratic parties.
President Jobs
After receiving an early cancer diagnosis in 2001 that is caught and treated early, Steve Jobs considers a new path...
President John W. Davis
Warren Harding serves out his term without dying.
President Dewey
Thomas E. Dewey wins the 1948 presidential election in a landslide after Dwight Eisenhower agrees to become his running mate.
President Delay
When George Bush is defeated for reelection in 2004, numerous scandals involving the Democrats results in numerous resignations, allowing Tom Delay, the Speaker of the House, to become president.
President Dobbs
Disgusted with the political scene on both sides in 2004, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs makes a presidential run of his own as an independent. He doesn't win because of his late entry, but after garnering a lot of grassroots support he vows to try again in 2008...
President Dole
In 1996 Bob Dole is elected president of the United States.
President Dukakis
Michael Dukakis wins the 1988 presidential election against George Bush and becomes the 41rst President of the United States of America.
President Elway
After losing the Super Bowl to the Atlanta Falcons in 1999, John Elway retires and runs for the U.S. Senate seat in Colorado as a Republican.
President John Charles Fremont
What if the Republic of California (rather than State of Mexico) had been provoked into armed confrontation by the US military action in Southern Texas?
President Gingrich
Bill Clinton and Al Gore are assassinated in 1995 therefore Republican Newt Gingrich must assume the Presidency.
President Gore
Al Gore narrowly wins the 2000 presidential election. Examines his presidency through the view of a news article in the New York Times.
President Gore 2.0
A disagreement on Gore's Presidency necessitated creating another timeline, in which America was spared the horror of 9/11
President Franklin
After Washington refuses to be the first president, Benjamin Franklin, despite his age, is drafted for the job. This Examines his brief tenure in office and how America was affected.
Gaitan, President of Colombia
In 1950, Gaitán is elected president of Colombia. A populist leftist government, but supported by the CIA as a way to prevent true communism to become a major power in Latin America, Gaitan is neither one of the best or worst presidents. But butterflies from him surviving 1948, also prevented Castro to become leader in Cuba.
President Gary
After the tragic death of Vice President Al Gore when Air Force Two crashes in 1997, President Clinton appoints a new VP. When Clinton resigns in 1999, that man is elevated to the presidency.
President Goldwater
In 1964 Barry Goldwater is elected the 37th President of the United States.
President Hay
When TR is killed by a runaway trolley car, his Secretary of State enters the White House.
President Hendrix
After Jimi Hendrix survives an overdose in his flat in 1970, Hendrix decides to enter rehab and eventually meets Ron Paul, who suggests a new avenue of work...
President Charlton Heston
The 49th state of Cuba creates major problems for President Heston, and Senator Fidel Castro is intent on making them worse.
President Holly
Because of his wife's misgivings about the flight, Buddy Holly cancels the next stop of the tour for a few days until the weather is better for flying. After playing a concert at Duke University in 1960 he meets a very young Ron Paul and becomes interested in politics...
President Huckabee
Mike Huckabee wins the South Carolina primary over John McCain and goes on the win the Republican nomination and the presidency.
President Kemp
Jack Kemp returns to California after football and runs for congress.
President King
In a bold move, Vice President Humphrey picks Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King as his running mate immediately after President Johnson decides not to seek another term. After King's near-assassination in April, the outpouring of support is enough to carry Humphrey and King to the White House. King would become the first black president after Humphrey steps down because of poor health.
President Kerry
In the wake of a pointless, illegal war, George W. Bush is defeated for re-election in November 2004. Explores the American political climate six months into the Kerry Presidency.
President Lee
Robert E Lee fights for the north rather than the the south in this time line and is elected president of the United States in 1876.
President Lee2
Lee and Grant fight again - contesting the US Presidency in 1868.
President LeMay
When America is hit by a nuclear terrorist attack, the whole presidential line of succession is killed except for one: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Curtis LeMay.
President Lieberman
Joe Lieberman secures the Democratic nomination for President in 2004. He goes on to defeat George W Bush for reelection and thus becomes the first Jewish-American President of the United States.
President Limbaugh
After winning the Noble-peace prize over Al Gore in 2007, talk show king Rush Limbaugh enters the 2008 presidential race and wins in one of the most unconventional elections in U.S. history.
President H.P. Lovecraft
What if the cosmicist novelist had become President of the United States?
President MacArthur
Douglas MacArthur delivers a powerful address to the 1952 GOP convention and wins the nomination and the presidency, and goes on to become one of America's most revered and hated presidents.
President Marion M. Morrison
John Wayne listens to the wealthy Texas Republican Party backers who asked him to run for national office in 1968.
President McCain
After Senator John McCain defeats Governor George W. Bush in the 2000 Republican primaries, he is elected President in November 2000.
President McEwen
Instead of withdrawing from his 1988 bid for the U.S. Senate, Congressman Bob McEwen decides to stay in the race and wins the election. He will continue to move higher and higher until he reaches the presidency.
President Manson
Charles Manson is more successful in his music career and eventually turns to politics.
President Mao
Mao Jen Sheng, interested in leaving China, moves to America with his heavily Pregnant Wife. Their son Zedong is born on December 26 1893, in Los Angeles. Now an open timeline.
President McCormack
Oswald scores a triple in Dallas and assassinates President Kennedy, Vice President Johnson, and Senator Yarborough. With the president and vice president both dead, Speaker of the House John McCormack is sworn in as president.
President Mondale
Most believed the 1984 presidential election would prove to be an easy victory for Incumbent Ronald Reagan. But Walter Mondale proved all doubters wrong.
President Murray
"Alfalfa" Bill Murray begins his Road to the White House.
President Nader I Presume?
The political surprise of the century would come with Ralph Nader won the election over the Democrats and the Republicans, breaking the "American Duopoly".
President Alexander M. Palmer
The elimination J. Edgar Hoover proves to be a libertarian disaster
President Paul
With anti war moods growing within the Republican party and the economy beginning to go into a tailspin, Ron Paul manages to win the Republican nomination. When the primaries take a different direction Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton. With the youth vote on his side in November Paul manages to defeat Clinton for the presidency.
President Baldwin and the Constitution Party
After the Ron Paul endorsement and a media conspiracy, Chuck Baldwin wins the Presidential election of 2008.
President Pelosi
After President Bush and Vice President Cheney both resign over the Valerie Plame scandal, Nancy Pelosi is elevated to the oval office. Explores how effective (or ineffective) her administration would be. Now an open timeline.
President Perot
Ross Perot does not temporarily drop out of the 1992 Presidential election and after rising in the polls is elected President in November.
President Matthew C. Perry
What if US President Matthew C. Perry had sent the US Navy to force open the Confederacy?
President Rick Perry
What if TX President Rick Perry fought to save the legacy of the Texan Revolution?
President Quayle
The press expects that it won't have Dan Quayle to kick around anymore after he is dumped from George Bush's re-election ticket in 1992, but it turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.
Democrat President Reagan
Charlton Heston quits acting to run for the Senate in 1969. Twelve years later, he leads representatives of the Conservative Democrat Caucus at a meeting with Democrat President Ronald Reagan.
President Romney
Please Fix this.
President Russert
This timeline is a tribute to the now-deceased Tim Russert, who truly was a prince among men and a fine journalist in OTL. In the timeline, the POD occurrs when he decides to stay in politics in 1984, instead of going into journalism.
President Scalia
After completing law school, Antonin Scalia decides to run for Congress.
President Simpson
After getting arrested for domestic violence on his ex-wife and assault on her friend Ron Goldman, OJ Simpson receives a huge wake-up call. After getting off, he meets Ron Paul and considers running for office.
President Sinister
Max Sinister is elected President in 2000 and immediately nominates the country for deletion because it has been abandoned for months and has little or no content.
President Stassen
Eisenhower doesn't to run for president in 1952, and Harold Stassen wins the nomination and the Presidency.
President Jimmy Stewart
Ronald Reagan's unexpected success as the villain in the 1964 movie "The Killers" reignites his entertainment career leaving the Governorship of California open for another washed up actor, Jimmy Stewart.
President Taft
With the Korea War in a terrifying downward spiral, America turns away from uniforms and Ike is beaten by a stronger candidate in 1952.
President Tsongas
James Carville gets a headache and never comes up with the "comeback kid" description for Clinton. Tsongas wins the nomination and beats Bush in a squeaker.
President Ventura
Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura is elected President as an Independent in 2000.
President Wallace
George Wallace moderates his views on race, and wins the 1968 presidential election.
President Sam Walton
Wal*Mart people save America from foreign imports.
President Welles
After the failure of Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons and The Lady from Shanghai, Orson Welles turned to politics instead of film making. He won over Eisenhower and was elected President of the United States in 1956.
Republican Century
Thomas Dewey defeats Harry Truman in the 1948 Presidential Election, resulting in the Republicans dominating US Politics.
Return of the Kennedys
In the U.S 1980 Democratic Primaries Kennedy defeats Incumbent Jimmy Carter, in the general election Kennedy wins the closest election in U.S history by 100,000 votes.
Vice President Burt Lancaster
An earlier downturn in the economy and some political maturity in the candidate himself delivers Eugene McCarthy the Presidency in '72. His running mate is libertarian spokesman and steely actor, Burt Stephen Lancaster.