Prime Minister of the
Tsardom of Alaska
Председатель Совета Министров Аляски
Coat of Arms of Alaska (The American Republics)
Coat of arms of Alaska
Senator Pete Kelly 2
Pyotr Kilesso

since 12 October 2014
Style His Excellency (formal)
Mr. Chairman (spoken)
Member of Council of MinistersSecurity CommitteeState Duma
Appointer The Tsar
Term length At His Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder Tomás T. Rugov
Formation 14 July 1918
102 years ago
Deputy Deputy Prime Minister
Salary 3.9 million rubles annually

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Alaska (Russian: Председатель Совета Министров Аляски, tr. Predsedatel' Soveta Ministrov Alyaski), colloquially referred to as the Prime Minister (Russian: Премьер-министр, tr. Prem'yer-ministr) is the head of government of the Tsardom of Alaska. The Prime Minister is the most powerful elected official in the Government of Alaska, and the Chairmanship's powers are established in Article 24 of the Alaskan Constitution.

The Prime Minister is by law appointed by the Tsar to serve at His Majesty's pleasure. However, in reality the Tsar is by convention bound to appoint as Prime Minister an individual who has the support of the State Duma, of which the Prime Minister is a member. Thus, the Prime Minister is almost always the leader of the majority party in the Duma. Because the Prime Minister generally serves as long as he commands the confidence of Parliament, his term de facto lasts for up to three years, after which the Prime Minister may be recommissioned should his party re-secure a majority in the Duma.

The Prime Minister also heads the Council of Ministers, hence his formal title. All other Ministers are appointed by the Tsar on the advice of the Prime Minister.

Since the formation of the office of Prime Minister in 1918, there have been 12 Prime Ministers, several of whom served non-consecutive terms. The current Prime Minister, Pyotr Kilesso of the Progressive Green Party, was appointed on 12 October 2014.

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