This is a list of Prime Ministers from the Commonwealth of New Albion.


  • Must be the leader of the largest party in the House of Representatives.
  • Must be a citizen.
  • Must have native social security number (covers tax records, military service, etc.
  • Must be of voting age.


Although not required, the Prime Minister is expected to qualify for the following:

  • Should be fluent in English. (Nine PMs are known to have been bilingual)
  • Should be a native. (Two PMs were born in Britain, Four were born in the United States


Operating under the Westminster System, the Prime Minister's job is to ratify or deny all policy decisions made by the Cabinet. The Prime Minister is instated after an election, as Majority leader of the House.

Family Ties

  • Francis Stanford-Westly is the son of Robert O'Connor-Westly, the Great-great-great grandson of A. Leland Stanford, and the grandnephew of E. Stanford Harrison.
  • Robert Anthony Hamilton is the great-grandson of Anthony Hamilton.

Commonwealth Prime Ministers

No.NamePartyAssumed officeLeft office
1 A. Leland Stanford*Conservative18 December 186718 December 18 1868
*Was previously governor of New Albion.
2 Benjamin D. WilsonConservative18 December 186818 December 1876
3 Henry H. HaightConservative18 December 187618 December 1884
4 Robert W. WatermanConservative18 December 188418 December 1892
5 Anthony HamiltonLiberal18 December 189218 December 1900
6 William LaFevreLiberal18 December 190018 December 1906
7 Neil BrainardLiberal18 December 190618 December 1914
8 Christopher EganConservative18 December 191418 December 1922
9 Ambrose LloydConservative18 December 192218 December 1930
10 E. Stanford HarrisonLiberal18 December 193018 December 1938
11 Ernest AlvarezLiberal18 December 193818 December 1946
12 Charles QuinteroLiberal18 December 194618 December 1954
13 George RourkeConservative18 December 195418 December 1962
14 Andrew HassanLiberal18 December 196218 December 1966
15 Ronald ReaganConservative18 December 196618 December 1974
16 Robert O'Connor-Westly**Conservative18 December 197418 December 1982
**Elected as a Conservative, changed party in 1978 and operated a minority government.
17 Alex Chavez***Liberal18 December 198217 October 1989
***Killed in office.
18 Bill Richardson****Liberal17 October 198917 March 1998
****won after calling an election in 1990.
19 Robert Anthony HamiltonLiberal17 March 199817 March 2006
20 Sir Francis Stanford-WestlyLiberal17 March 2006Incumbent
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