Alternative History

The title of Prince of Orange was held by the Dutch Stadtholder William III when he became King of England, Scotland, and Ireland. It became a title of the King of England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands until 1789, when it was separated from the Crown, becoming a title for the 2nd son of the monarch, or the younger brother of the monarch, in the event that the reigning monarch has no second son at the time the title becomes vacant again.

After the Third Global War, the British monarchs ceded the title to the rulers of the Principality of the Netherlands within Rhineland

List of Princes of Orange

House of Orange-Nassau

  • 1544-1584 William I
  • 1584-1618 Phillip William
  • 1618-1625 Maurice
  • 1625-1647 Frederick-Henry
  • 1647-1650 William II
  • 1650-1702 William III, King from 1689
  • 1702-1749 William IV
  • 1749-1756 William V
  • 1756-1789 Henry IX
  • 1789-1832 Edward - second son of Henry IX
  • 1832-1881 Charles - second son of George I
  • 1881-1891 George - second son of George III