Progressive Green Party
Leader Pyotr Kilesso
President of the State Duma Boris Yezhov
Founded 12 May 1947
73 years ago
Preceded by Democratic Party of Alaska
Headquarters New Arkhangelsk
Youth wing Young Zelenykh
Membership  (2016) 920,685
Ideology Progressivism
Social democracy
Social liberalism
International affiliation Progressive Alliance
Official colours      Green
State Duma
96 / 200
State Council
23 / 54
Oblast Governments
12 / 18

The Progressive Green Party (Russian: Прогрессивная Партия Зеленых, tr. Progressivnaya Partiya Zelenykh; abbr. PPZ), colloquially known as the Zelenykh Party (Партия Зеленых, Partiya Zelenykh), is a progressive social democratic political party in Alaska, and is one of the three major parties in contemporary Alaskan politics, the other two being the centre-right Alaskan National Party and the far-right Alaskan Front.

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