An introduction

Twilight of a New Era is open for contributions. Articles can be proposed by users who can make their own unique say to the timeline. All proposals are welcomed and encouraged. The proposals can be a page, an image (flag, map, etc) or ideas.

Because of the growing complexity and information in the timeline, new content will NOT automatically become canon. New articles will have to be reviewed and harmonized before they can become canonized. Any proposal is to remain a proposal until such time as it has developed to become canon. Until such time, there is to be no mentioning of these proposed pages on any already canon pages.

It is to be noted that any proposed article will require the following template to be placed on the TOP of the page, and that any proposed articles are to be brought up on the Proposals talk page.

{{Proposal|timeline=Twilight of a New Era}}

Some editorial highlights

  • This ATL is covers events between 1914-1964. If your want to add events after 1965, please considering making a spin off of this timeline.
  • See basic guidelines
  • See QSS and QAA
  • Feel free to write other articles besides nation profiles. For example wars, people, technology, culture, sports, essays.
  • No superpower wank
  • No secret history
  • Don't try to make a copy of OTL events or people. That is to say don't to add pages in the style of The Years of Rice and Salt nor Southern Cone Under the British
  • Please try to keep things to a plausible level. Despite changes in the timeline from ours, the real world works in the same way in this ATL as it does in OTL. Generally, things that couldn't possibly happen in our timeline shouldn't happen in this one. Please do not insert aliens, magic or supernatural elements.
  • No alien space bats

Things to do

In this timeline there is the need of adding events in the Americas (North, Central and South America).


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