Protectorate of Austria (Quebec Independence)

Protektorat Österreich
Protectorate of Austria
Timeline: Quebec Independence
Preceded by 1941-1945 Succeeded by
Flag of the German Empire.svg German Empire Flag of East Germany.svg North Germany

Flag of Germany.svg South Germany

Flag of Germany by eric4e.png
No coa.svg
Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Other cities Hamburg
Language German
Religion Protestant
Ethnic Group German
Government Authoritarian State

The Protectorate of Austria was a puppet state of France during World War II following the dissolution of the German Empire.

German politician and colonel Adolf Hitler was appointed as the head of the new protectorate. The Protectorate was initially given some autonomy, but as the war dragged on and Hitler's submissiveness to the French were questioned, French soldiers were sent to capture Hitler. Hitler escaped, and joining the German Resistance, urged the Germans to fight to throw out the French and re-establish a Germany for the Germans. The French appointed Heinrich Himmler as the next Chief of State, and French troops now fully occupied Austria.

The German Resistance launched a guerrilla war for the next year, until the London Pact entered Austria and captured Vienna. Himmler was captured in a safe house in Berlin, and the London Pact fully liberated the Protectorate. The Protectorate was dissolved, with its northern territories heading to North Germany and the rest of the Protectorate was reformed into South Germany.

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