Alternative History
Federal Republic of East Prussia
Republik Preußen
Timeline: Napoleon's World
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Berlin
Largest city Berlin
Other cities Danzig, Breslau, Königsberg, Kattowitz, Stettin, Potsdam, Marienburg, Kustrin
Language German
Demonym Prussian
Government Republic
  Legislature Bundestag
President Witold Nowak
Chancellor Walter Willis
Population 14,570,000 
Established 1944
Currency Prussian thaler

The Republic of Prussia (German: Republik Preußen) is a north-central European state along the Baltic Sea. The primary language of East Prussia is German, although many Polish speakers live within its borders, and the Lithuanian minority is strong in the east. The capital and largest city is Berlin, where the President of East Prussia, the Chancellor and the Reichstag, the federal parliament, meet.

History of Prussia[]


Prussia is divided into five provinces

Name (German) Capital Population
Brandenburg Berlin
East Prussia (Ostpreussen) Königsberg
Pomerania (Pommern) Stettin
Silesia Breslau
West Prussia (Westpreussen) Danzig